Friday, October 28, 2016

Just read your @#$% job description.

As to the leaks themselves, leaks are a part of the culture. In the absence of true investigative journalists, leaks are now imperative, be they Wikileaks, Deep Throat, the Pentagon papers, or others. If the WSJ and others were doing their real job perhaps the leaks would go down in importance.[1]
Vote fraud, Clinton-sponsored violence at Trump rallies, epidemic single motherhood, black violence, disruption of campus speakers, Black Lives Matter, punitive prosecutions, IRS attacks on the Tea Party, dishonest military adventures in Syria, abandonment of our men in Benghazi, Jihadi massacres at military bases, illegal immigrants now in the neighborhood of 40,000,000, bogus anti-Russia hysteria, and Supreme Court contortionism, among other things, would not be occurring or would not have occurred had American officials, lawyers, and journalists merely done their bleeping job.

I once asked a one-star general who'd come on an inspection tour what it was he looked for. He replied simply that he looked to see if people are doing their jobs. It's a simple concept. As a lot of important people are not doing their jobs we get the inevitable result: exactly what Solzhenitsyn warned us not to do -- "Live not by lies."

University administrators should be singled out for the contemptible people they are in the main. Vicious, presumptuous, stupid students are permitted to shout down invited speakers, even to attack them, but they are not summarily expelled. PC distortions and establishment lies thus go unchallenged and free speech and personal security are diminished. Thuggery flourishes by virtue of administrators' dishonesty and cowardice.

[1] Comment by Kevin Burns on "The Cold Clinton Reality. Why isn’t the IRS investigating the Clinton Foundation?" Wall Street Journal, 10/27/16.

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