Monday, January 25, 2021

The Return of the Blogs

 I've been kinda checking out the stats lately on this and other blogs over the last few months - the numbers are up over last year, and it looks like still rising.

And, commenting is up (on the other blogs, too).

So, I think the Much Heralded and Proclaimed "Shutting Up of the Disgusting Right" - long a goal of the Left - is pretty much kaput (as my German ancestors would say).

The latest from According to Hoyt would seem to support that assessment.

Ya' know, the Official Elite and Destined Rulers of the World don't seem to have gotten the message. That 'insurrectionary' pack of Good Ol' Boys that made their marks in the Capitol were the Gentle Ones. Hell, they didn't even bring in much in the way of weapons - I know people who could have grabbed better equipment out of the back of their truck.

If we get pissed off enough, there WILL be Blood on the Floor. There's too many who are too old to kowtow, and too proud to beg.


It's time for the state governors and legislatures to show their teeth. Next time the DC Elite try to impose unconstitutional mandates on the country, we need to have some people in charge that will bare their own chompers, and bark back, too.

We can hope that'll learn 'em, but I doubt it. Don't forget, they're dumber than a box of rocks.

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  1. Hangtown Bob says Please.... You have no cause to insult rocks!


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