About Us

Francis W. Porretto:

(a.k.a. the Curmudgeon Emeritus to the World Wide Web)...is the ringmaster of this Internet Circus. He cracks a mean whip. Other commentators cower in fear at the very pixels of his name.

In sober truth, Fran is pretty ordinary...for a millennial genius with a will of iron, anyway. He’s a lifelong engineer, a specialist in real-time software with a particular expertise in simulation. (That’s why the shrieking of the warmistas offends him so greatly.) He also writes fiction of a sort you could travel ten thousand miles to find and never succeed. He plans to retire from engineering in 2015 – 47 years doing the same thing is quite enough, thank you – and devote the remainder of his life to his fiction, his faith, and his fetish for video games involving busty women in short shorts and high heels. (His wife vetoed the actual pursuit of such women, despite his brain care specialist's assurances that even if he were to catch one, he wouldn’t know what to do with her.)

But enough of that. If there’s anything truly notable about Fran, it’s that none of the attempts on his life have succeeded. That’s probably due more to the ineptitude of the assassins than his brute strength, his cheetah-like speed, or the claymores on his front lawn. (Hiring that sort of help from the ads in Soldier of Fortune magazine has always been a crapshoot.) That having been said, he, his wife Beth, and their dogs and cats enjoy a modest existence on the east end of Long Island, where he makes a point of never answering the door or the phone and moderating all contact with the outside world through his Newfoundland, Rufus (see below).

You can write to Fran at morelonhouse -at- optonline.net Copies of his birth certificate and the innumerable testimonials to his qualifications for sainthood are available for a modest fee.

The Colonel Of Truth:

Colonel Robert G. Young retired on 30 JUL 2014. His last assignment was Alpha Company, Warrior Transition Unit, Fort Benning, GA.

He was born in Washington, DC. His father (Robert A, Young) was a career diplomat for the US Department of State and Colonel in the US Army Reserves, his mother (Julie) a registered nurse. In 1979 he enlisted in the infantry, serving in the 1/8th Infantry Bn, 4th ID (M), Fort Carson, Colorado; the 1/16th Infantry Bn, 1st ID (FWD), and the 11th Special Forces Group (ABN), Fort Meade, MD.

In 1985 he was awarded a BA degree from the University of Maryland and designated a Distinguished Military Graduate, receiving a Regular Army commission as a second lieutenant. His military education includes CGSC and the Officer Basic and Advanced Courses. He holds a Master of Arts degree (MMAS) from the Command and General Staff College.

Over the last 35 years, COL Young has had the great privilege to serve our Nation in a variety of units on numerous deployments and operations including:

  • 1981-82 Cold War (West Germany) – 1st Infantry Division
  • 1988 GOLDEN PHEASANT (Central America) - 82nd Airborne
  • 1989-90 JUST CAUSE (Panama) - 82nd Airborne
  • 1990-91 DESERT SHIELD/STORM (Saudi Arabia/Iraq) - 82nd Airborne
  • 1992 CABANAS (Honduras) - 528th SOSB, US Army Special Forces Command
  • 1994 UPHOLD DEMOCRACY (Haiti) - 75th Ranger Regiment
  • 1996-97 Defense of Korea (Republic of Korea) – 2nd Infantry Division
  • 2004-05 ENDURING FREEDOM (Kandahar, Afghanistan) 3rd BDE, 25th Infantry Division
  • 2007-08 IRAQI FREEDOM (Kuwait & Iraq) Third Army/US Army Central
  • 2009-10 ENDURING FREEDOM (Kabul, Afghanistan) ACSE-A, US Army Central

Among his awards are the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (5 Awards), Army Commendation Medal (5 Awards), Army Achievement Medal (6 Awards), Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (2 Awards - Panama and Haiti), Kuwaiti Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia and Kuwait), Southwest Asia Service Medal (2 Bronze Stars), Afghanistan Campaign Medal(2 Bronze Stars), Korea Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, NATO medal (Afghanistan/ISAF) National Defense Service Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Meritorious Unit Citation (Bronze Oak leaf) and the Army Superior Unit Award (w/OLC). He has earned the Air Assault Badge, Pathfinder Badge, US Master Parachutist Badge, and the German, Canadian and Honduran Master Parachutist Badges and the Ranger Tab.

He is married to the former Sally Kennedy of Columbus, GA. He has five children; Rob - formerly served in the 3rd Ranger Bn (two deployments to Afghanistan), Jane - a graduate of Auburn University, and three still at home, Rebekah (18), Sarah Beth (16), and John David (11).

Scott Angell:

Scott is still in the early part of his career, having only gotten out of school in the rather un-fortuitous year of 2008. It was worth it, however, as he had spent entirely too much time there, studying mostly in the range of the biological end of chemistry and the chemical end of biology.

He bounced around in Semi-Large Corp. for a number of years as a contractor, first doing synthetic organic chemistry, and then as a laboratory analyst, and now finally, after many years of training and experience in synthetic organic and molecular biological methods, he seems to have landed a job for the long haul ... as an Analytical Chemist. In theory, he is responsible for instrument maintenance, setting up analytical methods, and quality control monitoring on some fairly intricate and delicate equipment (of which a 400 MHz NMR, an ICP-OES system, an HPLC, and several GC analyzers are probably the crown jewels), which primarily involves turning knobs and wrenches and injecting things using syringes. In practice, he seems to spend most of his time on computers, guessing at parameters and Seeing What Happens, and otherwise acting as an extension of the IT department. All of which he is more or less wholly unsuited for, and yet somebody out there seems to think the arrangement is a good idea. For his own part, Scott does not know what to make of it, he just keeps showing up and depositing the checks.

His analytical work primarily supports the production of his plant's extremely exciting product line, known in some circles as organo-aluminum compounds and others as aluminum alkyls, all of which he had zero experience with beforehand and still feels he understands only dimly. This is a video of a fireman helpfully demonstrating how NOT to handle these substances, i.e., by dispensing them into containers in the open air, and then attempting to put out the resulting fire by dousing it with water --

As for important things, he is married going on 11 years, with two smallish kids (2 and 5, as of this writing) who are just beginning homeschooling with their mom. At one time, he read and wrote as a rather engrossing pass-time, but finds these hobbies incompatible with toddlers. Nowadays, he instead spends most of the rest of his time contriving ways to exploit and oppress the poor buying rental properties in surrounding neighborhoods. He dreams of retiring early on rental income and then one day maybe actually doing something with himself.

Occasionally, he writes about stuff.

Patrice Stanton

Patrice self-describes as a political-refugee who escaped to Texas 25 years ago from an “undisclosed” New England Blue-State. She readily confesses to having lucked into marrying an honest to goodness saint.

She used to think her online jousting was simply fighting HYPOCRITES & their twisted-thinking, but lately, she had to wonder why-oh-why did so many seemingly varied “topics” and so many diverse people raise her hackles? Lightbulb! They nearly always turned out to be some flavor of totalitarian.

Turns out she's “just” an Anti-Totalitarian. It corrals most of the topics she can rant on & on about: Islam; Personal Liberty; True-Equality (now balancing the scales by advocating for "Men's Rights" & against Feminism); Gun-rights; Education free-from-government-EXTORTION and coercion; a few rare Novels & Films that do more than propagandize progressivism or pass-time; and lastly opposing the Denigration of the Beautiful in (visual) Arts. She looks forward to hearing your passionate-yet-polite criticism or your positive feedback! Tweet to her @patricesez; comment on YouTube channel "patricesez;" or at www.patricestanton.com.