Sunday, July 8, 2012

It Might Be A While...

...before I can return to posting regularly here. It appears that I've somehow seriously damaged my left shoulder, and can type only with severe pain.

I'll be seeing an orthopedist tomorrow. If you can spare the bandwidth, please pray for me.

UPDATE: Beware Oxycodone! That crap induces nausea, and makes you itch furiously. I'd rather be in pain.

FURTHER UPDATE: The orthopedist says it's tendonitis of the rotator cuff. Cortisone has been applied, but it takes two to three days to assuage the condition. I continue to await relief.


KG said...

Good luck Francis and I hope it gets better soon.
With luck, it'll be something as simple (albeit painful) as a rotator cuff injury.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, eck! Rotator cuff is teh worst sort of pain.

Prayers up, m'dear!

furball said...

Wishing the best for you, Fran.

Guy S said...

THoughts and prayers coming from the hinterlands as well! Hope the diagnosis calls for a simple repair/adjustment, and a speedy recovery!

pdwalker said...

How did you do that? I did that once to my right shoulder and had to spend a week sitting up to sleep, not that I could sleep.

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

LMK if you need a second opinion. Have a hook at NYP-Cornell in the city.

-- CA

Dan said...

Seeing an orthogod is a good idea.
Getting an MRI to know for sure
what's going on is also a good idea. The ortho can probably give
you a cortisone shot into the shoulder to help alleviate the inflammation and pain but that's a temp fix. He'll need to know if you tore a muscle or did some other type of damage to determine if you need intervention or rest and rehab.

lelnet said...

We will pray for you. And while we're sorry that you are in pain, we're glad you have a diagnosis. (If I recall correctly, the pain is not new.) I hope that this comes with a prospect for treatment as well.