Friday, September 14, 2012

An Urgent Request

A long-time reader, who shall go anonymous for the moment, has written with an urgent request:

My wife is 63 and listens to MSNBC EVERY NIGHT. She's wonderful and all that, but I'd appreciate it if you would help me do something that might, or might not, help.

I'd like you to list - without comment - the things we know Obama has stretched the Constitution by. (The very fact that that sentence isn't correct shows my problem.)

For example, DOJ not prosecuting the New Black Panthers. DOJ prosecuting Arizona, Obama passing the parts of the DREAM act by executive order, etc.

My point is, my wife listens to MSNBC and sees nothing about Romney that she would vote FOR.

Would you please post a concise history - line by line - of what Obama has done wrong (Constitutionally) so that she can see why Obama is WRONG, rather than why Romney MIGHT be a poor choice?

I'd love to oblige, but I'm so badly pressed at the moment by my personal and occupational difficulties that I can barely produce a piece for Liberty's Torch every couple of days. (Massive applause to Mark Butterworth for his exemplary productivity, which has salved my conscience to an embarrassing extent.)

Please, Gentle Readers:

Post your contributions in the comments to this piece.

Indicate whether you'd like your names to be used in the compendium post I expect to present over the weekend.

You'll be helping me to provide something that will be useful to more than one reader, I assure you!


furball said...

Obama's Department of Justice has dropped an "already won" case of voter intimidation against the New Black Panthers.

furball said...

Obama's justice department has sued a state for trying to enforce federal law:

furball said...

Obama's justice department has sued another state for trying to enforce federal law:

furball said...

Obama admits losing Egypt as an ally, but US still gives Muslim Brotherhood nation over 1 Billion $ per year:

furball said...

Obama bypassed Congress by issuing an Executive Order regarding the DREAM act:

f said...

Obama passed another Executive Order that opens the door for unraveling the welfare reforms that were so successful under Clinton and the Republican congress:

furball said...

Obama thwarts democratically elected Haitian leader:

furball said...

Obama opposes drilling in Arctic:

furball said...

But Obama opposes drilling in arctic for a different reason:

furball said...

Obama is against drilling in the Gulf:

But he gives Brazil over 1 BILLION dollars to drill off-shore:

furball said...

Obama has forced Bernanke and the Fed to underwrite his policies with free money to banks which is called quantitative easing, but is really counterfeiting. For every dollar of bonds the FED buys this way, a real dollar is devalued. This is a tax on every American and a devaluation of their buying power that was no passed by Congress or any representative of the people.

furball said...

Oh, come on. No one? Nothing else?

I haven't even gotten to the Affordable Care Act or voting or . . .


You guys have nothing specific?

Mark Alger said...

I think perhaps the simpler answer would be to provide a copy of the Constitution and ask the question: what do you see here that supports this action or that one?

If it is not mandatory, it is forbidden. Very simple.

The rights of the People are absolute. The powers of the government are limited.

Failure to adhere to these principles, on the part of government officials, amounts to treason.

How hard can it be?