Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pyongyang on the Thames.

If one reads some UK socio-history, one can empathize totally with the plight of the downtrodden through the centuries, and here I am thinking of the battles of such as The Tolpuddle martyrs, the reform act and the chartists, all of it makes for fascinating reading but......when I read of these notable events - I thought - interesting but nonetheless history, 'we live in much more enlightened times' went the comforting reverie.

Often, no, actually all the time now I lie awake - from storm ridden dreams, a nightmare coalesces and like some grotesque incubus it is now made flesh....

How far have we travelled, not far, not far at all. Because once very mistakenly I always believed in the unchallengeable, redoubtable sovereignty and freedom of our legislature and the supreme equity of British common law statute as the bulwark which would defend the rights of all free men who lived within the borders of this nation.

I have now reached the conclusion that all of last paragraph is delusional hogwash on my part, the ratchet, the laws that bind - holds us tight and that the vice is harder than steel.

I read the above piece [blog post] written by you Ms. Synon and I posit, it matters not who is installed in the 'hotseats' of power in the EU - there is not a snowballs' chance in hell of the British being allowed any freedom, rights or indeed challenge to the authority of our 'blessed leaders' and they may as well inhabit Pyongyang - so similar and distant are they.

The EU Parliament is frilly panties burlesque, even with Barosso gone, fret ye not because another inanely grinning muppet will sit in his place and the ship just glides imperiously on and on. Evidently, the course and the charts are already set and read - for, behind the scenes the script has been written and there is nothing democracy and any sort of democratic process - can do about it.

The leviathan that is known as, Empire of Brussels will not be halted and it will be forever, unless................

It will rain war on Europe.

Comment by Ravenscar on "Brussels' New Top Dogs and 'The United Nations Without The Sex.’” By M.E. Synon, Breitbart, 4/22/14.

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