Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Summary of the Cliff Notes version.

If any of America's "leadership" over the past 30 years had an ounce of concern for the common good, why did they enable financialization and globalization to hollow out the nation's economy and social order? Why did they enable the frauds, skims, scams, cartels and monopolies that are the foundation of virtually every American billionaire's "we pay no taxes" empires of greed?

The tyranny of corruption thrives in an amoral cesspool of anything goes and winners take all.

In today's America, the tyranny of corruption has been so normalized that America's polarized populaces are blind to the profound corruption of their parties and institutions. As in the last days of the Western Roman Empire, the masses are made complicit with bread and circuses, mimicking their "leaders" debasement of the public good to [by?] feeding at the public trough.

Search though you may, you'll find few politicians who operate with a focus on the common good. Anything more said about this is just surplussage.

"We're Living The Founding Fathers' Nightmare: America Is Corrupt To The Core." By Charles Hugh Smith, ZeroHedge, 6/1/20 (emphasis removed).



As I observed on my own blog, and have mentioned here before... one of the reasons Rome fell was not just the invasion, but - as the Colonel notes - the top to bottom corruption.

Steadfast Romans who would normally have laid down their lives to save Rome, because they believed in Rome, had that belief removed by that overt and open corruption - and thus decided to not be willing to risk their lives for it.

uninformed said...

Keep your blog backed up. WRSA is now gone The Ministry of magic has fallen


As much as I didn't particularly care for WRSA because of some of commenters were seething Jew haters, it did have valuable information and I'd check the main posts because they had useful information and commentary.

But the Left's "Ministry of Truth" will, I suppose, come for us all - in particular if they win in 2020. And then they come for us literally.