Saturday, September 26, 2020

Sort of a tone poem.

Stupidity is gradually reaching the tipping point. Of course, peak stupidity is a logical impossibility but there is a point that accumulated stupidity just brings everything to a screeching standstill. Like a falling locomotive eventually encountering the earth's crust.
Leftists hate guns because guns mean a reality outside of Leftism and the social control it uses to stop people from attacking each other, even if — especially if — the “victim” is a criminal and deserves it. They also fear nature, so they destroy it, and organic culture, so they demographically replace it.[1]
It's like Forrest Gump when he just ran out of steam in Utah after a long, long jog. Dude, this is not the way.

For 300 some years the West has been pursuing the Sendero Luminoso of elite omniscience and competence, the universal franchise, human equality, human perfectibility, other fairy tales ad astra, rubbery constitutions, and rubbery spines. But. in pursuing these fairy tales, we now . . . that would be now . . . seem to have hit a rough spot that looks to have no sensible repair option short of good times in the great Two-Way Rifle Range of Life. One trigger pull, one vote. More's the pity but where are the leaders? And where is the yeomen's rage?

Singapore canes anti-social people; but we -- the exceptionals -- grovel at their feet. We celebrate subversion, treason, and every manner, form, and flavor of anarchy, dysfunction, treachery, betrayal, suicidal policy, and feminist, minority, and media horseshit. And we adore Lieawatha, Comey the Glib, Strzok the Possessed, Brennan the Dour, Michael "Bow to the Empire" Pompeo, Gov. Stacey, Maxine the Buffoon, Nancy and her Brazillian Blowout, Saint Trayvon, Glorious George, and Kamala your basic constitutionally ineligible vice presidential candidate butwhocaresaboutthattinydetail(again).

That sappy poem on the Statue of Immigration reads "Send us your huddled masses yearning for Medicaid, Food Stamps, and the end of White American civilization." It seems not to be working out well for (1) whites and, in short order I predict, (2) every other devotee of voodoo, Santeria, Islam, or socialism who happens to have wandered into the Exceptional Nation. But, as the great Ben Franklin pointed out, "Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other." So more sappiness, please. Until the lesson is driven home. The worse the better, as a certain earlier Vladimir observed.

[1] "Periscope (September 24, 2020)." By Brett Stevens, Amerika, 9/24/20.



"Life gives the exam first, and the lesson after".

I don't recall who said that. But it's true.

ontoiran said... are only talking about the people who happen to be holding the megaphone. at the moment. eventually the rest of us are going to get our turn to speak

Col. B. Bunny said...

NITZAKHON, that reminds me of the aphorism "Marry in haste, repent at leisure."

The trip to the woodshed in our case just now is going to be an epic one. All to be undeniably an "own goal" to mix the metaphors some.

Col. B. Bunny said...

ontoiran, I've longed for various moments of reckoning in, say, European politics but time and time again the normies or the yeomen have given their support to the status-quo betrayers. The patriot, nationalist parties are ALWAYS hung out to dry with Hungary and some in that neighborhood honorable exceptions because of clear memories. But Marine Le Pen remains reliably far from power.

Here at home one need only contemplate how the tools of the people's retribution have remained in the shed unused. Impeachment, elections, referendum, recall, initiative, and, last but not least, the write-in ballot.

Just from the standpoint of pure electoral politics, it's an absolute absurdity that Biden and Harris are on the Dem ticket. Caligula's horse made more sense. But, no, there are the Dems and the Karens and the pussyhat wearers wetting their pants in excitement.

Yes, the silenced ones will speak eventually but only when it is too late to do anything by democratic means. And the megaphone will be passe. Force of arms not so.


Col. Alas, I'm living with your version. :(