Friday, December 25, 2020

An Epidemic of Politics

 As we confront the ongoing train-wreck that is the US response to the Chinese Communist Party viral epidemic, while there are still some things we do not know, there are some things that are known about this ongoing biological epidemic.

1) Many of the folks that get this bug have few or no symptoms and do not require treatment;

2) Of those that do show symptoms, many do not require hospitalization;

3) In my area, under current treatment protocols, about 10% of those hospitalized die as a result, up from around 6% in March and April.

4) More people overall are reportedly dying recently as a result of this epidemic.

5) This virus is highly mutable and continues to evolve, and that there are over a thousand known active clades with new ones arising in every person infected. So far, most such mutations are not significantly more virulent.

6) It is possible for some people to get this virus more than once, sometimes sequentially, and that these 'repeat' infections get more serious at each repetition. 

7) That age is not the sole determinor of who gets this bug;  young adults and even children can get cases with clinical symptoms, and the young and very young who do are at increased risk of downstream side effects that are not well understood.

We still don't know what the 'real' case fatality rate is, since the testing situation, almost a year into this pandemic, is still deeply flawed.  There are rapid tests, some of which test for *any* coronavirus and thus have lots of false positives, others of which assert that they test for the CCP virus only.  These are known to be less accurate than PCR, and are known for both false positives and false negatives.  Finally we have PCR testing which when properly sampled and properly handled in the lab is about 80-90% accurate, but which has been monkeyed with by use of excessive numbers of cycles resulting in false positives, apparently in a politically motivated effort to drive up case count.

If that isn't enough, poor PCR sampling due to inexperienced or weary staff is still causing false negatives.  It is easy to *say* that the swab needs to be pushed as far up the nasal cavity as the nurse can get it, but it is painful for the patients, who tend to resist, and after endless 12 hour shifts working in full PPE, it is easy to botch the sampling.  We also have some politically motivated underreporting *and* overreporting of fatalities.  So, we don't have any objective way to know with certainty within any reasonable margin (say 5 to 10%) of how many people are actually infected, or what percentage of those died as a result. These data have been deliberately manipulated to the point that nobody knows what is real.

We do know that the death rate for hospitalized people has increased, in some areas by about 2/3 from April, from around 6% to 10%, and we are told that the lethality of this CCP virus has not increased.  So what has changed since March?

We know that there are two clinically effective treatments that are now actively discouraged by the medical establishment here in the USA in favor of Remdesivir;  synthetic quinine (Hydroxychloroquine or HCQ) in combination with zinc and antibiotics, and Ivermectin.  Both of these drugs have long records of safe use prior to this pandemic, and both have shown clinical effect against the CCP virus, especially as prophylactic treatment.  Yet both of these treatments are being discriminated against here in the US despite multiple trials showing good results. In other countries, they work fine, but according to the establishment here in these united States, they're dangerous.

Both HCQ and Ivermectin are cheap, too, while remdesivir costs over $3000 per treatment course and some studies show remdesivir to be less effective.  My cynical side says that the threat of HCQ and Ivermectin is more to corporate profits and government budgets and less to patients.  The rise in hospitalized patient deaths suggests that US patients are being put at risk at least in part to drive corporate profits. There is likely also a political aspect to this, one which may dwarf the economic driver.

 We know that smoothed 7 day daily deaths reported for this outbreak are higher now than the peak in Mid April, ~2600 as of 12/24/2020 compared to ~2200.  See link here-   and while this number is probably not the real number, I am not aware of any large change in the method of death classifications since April, unlike the so-called 'case count' number, as noted above, which is largely unreliable. If we assume that the increase in average daily deaths is not being manipulated, then the question is, are we seeing a rise in deaths as a result in increased infections, or are we seeing a rise in deaths from a political denial of effective treatment? Or some combination of both?

Then we come to the various experimental vaccines now being fielded after a very short trial period under emergency release protocols.  It is evident from the suppression of effective treatment that the Left, in concert with the US medical establishment, is NOT putting patient safety first, but has other goals in mind. Given the willingness of the US medical establishment to prevent the use of two known safe and effective treatments, effective both for propylaxis and for early clinical treatment, in favour of an evidently less effective and much more expensive treatment, I am sceptical about ALL of the US medical establishment's statements regarding any of these experimental vaccine's safety or effectiveness.  Given the rash of side effects already demonstrated, about 3% of which are severe, I am entirely unwilling to be a guinea pig to test these new vaccines.  

Qui Bono? Who benefits from these actions? 

 Well, the most obvious benefit is financial; both the company producing Remdesivir and the companies billing for it extract financial benefit;  Gilead's most recent financials show an $18 billion net profit on revenues of $32 billion. The medical establishment is unlikely to see any budget cuts, and the IRS certainly welcomes the over $3 billion in taxes Gilead will pay. More to the point, there is political benefit to the Left in scaring Joe Normal away from using inexpensive treatments to prevent this disease and into accepting more government largesse and more social restrictions, as well.  While $1 billion is a lot of money to Joe Normal, it is trivial next to Federal expenditures this year;  I suspect the political impact of these drug restrictions is a greater motivation.

As regards vaccines, that is a bit more obscure, at least to me at present. It would be far cheaper, easier and safer to simply distribute HCQ as a prophylaxis and treat symptomatic patients with either HCQ or Ivermectin, at which point the biological epidemic would be over in a month, but the US is not doing that. Using vaccination as a mechanism for social control is certainly a possibility;  we've imported Chinese Communist controls on social media, and a Chinese communist virus, so it would not be surprising for some to try to push Chinese Communist 'social passports' as well.  It may be unduly cynical of me to suspect that this push to vaccinate people immediately preceding and during the holidays is deliberate.  

The cynic in me says, "What a perfect opportunity to push vaccination!  Exaggerate the case count, scare everyone you can, lock people back down for a second time during the season when most Americans get together with family, and then give them an 'out' with a vaccine!  They'll go for it like a trout for a grasshopper!"  Similar to the Arab attacks on Israel during Yom Kippur, the Left may be pushing vaccines during Christmas with the thought that Christians may be less attentive during the holidays.  There is also the possibility that the failure of the present administration's vaccine push may be used as a weapon against the Right, or for some other purpose.  We shall have to wait and see.

To sum up based upon the facts available to me, here are my conclusions:

  • That there is in fact an ongoing biological pandemic;
  • That the data related to this pandemic are unreliable;
  • This virus is a nasty bug that has the potential to cause serious illness and death, as I have seen repeatedly for the last year.  For political reasons, however, the extent of and threat to most people from this virus has been and is being grossly exaggerated, primarily by the Left; 
  • In parallel to the exaggeration of the threat, for political and corporatist reasons, known good treatment regimens are being suppressed and less effective ones substituted;
  • There are significant numbers of short term known side effects from the new experimental vaccines, which are being pushed for political reasons not justified by the present situation;
  • Neither the Federal nor many State governments have the interest of individual Americans in mind when making policy decisions, and they cannot be trusted to fulfill their core function, to protect individual rights.

In short, not only is there a biological epidemic, created by Communist China and released upon the world, but the biological epidemic is being dwarfed by an epidemic of politics, by an evolving pandemic of medical tyranny unmatched in American history.  This political pandemic clearly has been and is being used to aid the ongoing election theft and coup against the legitimately elected president of these presently united States, Donald Trump.

There are treatments for the CCP virus, which thrives in dry cold darkness and dies quickly in sunlight. The treatment for this political pandemic is similar; expose the actors, shine the light of Truth on the political cockroaches who spread it, and above all, RESIST. Resistance is the only effective treatment for tyranny.

With regard to all who seek the Light,




Meanwhile, the world's second-largest manufacturing plant of HCQ precursor chemicals goes ka-blooie(, and the stifling of dissent and questioning continues.

It is that latter thing that has utterly convinced me there is deliberate evil afoot. SCIENCE depends on vigorous debate. That anything outside "The Covid Narrative" is ruthlessly squelched is pegging-out my Paranoid-O-Meter.

Historian said...

There is no doubt evil is afoot. Both with respect to the CCP virus response, and with regard to the ongoing coup against a duly elected President. Stifling dissent is by definition, EVIL, and denying people their choice of medical treatment likewise.

It ain't paranoia if they are really out to get you, and that is not in question. The question is, are you paranoid enough?

Steve BIddle said...

Resistance to tyranny and evil is, of course, imperative. I think the quandary in which most of us find ourselves is how to resist. What form could resistance take? Take up arms? Civil disobediance? Take a page from the BLM book and burn cities? How much are most people willing to sacrifice? I am 66, and not in great physical or financial shape -- how would I make myself useful to organized resistance (well, I could bring the potato salad to resistance actions...)? These questions have been on my mind for awhile now. And I ask in all seriousness: What are we to do?

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Historian I had not read your post prior to a comment on a newer post but I am glad you spelled it out. Thank you.