Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Republican Party – The Party of Nothing.

We can argue about the precise wording of the obituary but these pithy words capture gist of the decade-long death throes of the Republican Party:
[Thomas Dewey] was the republican who first accepted the legitimacy of the administrative, social-welfare state. All the GOP has talked about since is how best to manage leviathan rather than debate its legitimacy. Dewey began the long line through Rockefeller, Romney, Ford, Dole, Bush (both) McCain and another Romney all of whom lead us only to defeat.
~ Al Adab.[1]

Can anyone say the GOP, if it is the party of small government and low taxes, has over the past 80 years been a successful party? Or does the America of today look more like the country Socialist Norman Thomas had in mind in 1932?
~ Pat Buchanan.[2]

And the winners of the great 20th-century contest for America's soul, by default:

November 6, 2012 – marked the end of the American unique 226-year long republican experiment. Our “liberals”, environmentalists, socialists, and communists have put the end to that noble endeavor. Our Marxist Muslim President has now won his second term, thanks to his community organizations and the union goons leading the masses to the voting precincts.
~ Marc Jeric.[3]

And a parting shot at liberal traitors and the fools who love them:

These ruling classes consist of the so-called liberals, in charge of our education system from the kindergarten to the universities, and of the communist-led government employees unions. Our university professors and their students are convinced they can do better [than the] Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Kim Il series of dictators, Mao, and the former mass [?] killers of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania, Albania, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia – the history of these victim countries completely neglected and forgotten. Our teachers unions have succeeded in [a] short 45 years to “educate” three generations of illiterate nincompoops who vote their “feelings” completely unaware of history, geography, philosophy, and literature.
~ Marc Jeric.[4]

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