Sunday, January 13, 2013

Which roll of the dice would you like?

I know of NO police officer in the United States who has a personal interest in providing protection to me. To him, protecting me is just part of his job description. However conscientious he may be in carrying out his duty to protect the general public from attack, the bottom line is that his primary role in any attack on me will be to lay out yellow crime scene tape, count spent shell casings, interview witnesses, and try to catch the scum who injured me or killed me.


If I had had a concealed carry permit when I was a college professor, I can assure you that not ONE of my lovely students would have been killed by some genetic mistake masquerading as a human being. And now, if anyone wants to take me on personally, I will make it ruinously expensive for him to try to injure me or those I love.

And I will take care of business long before the first police siren is heard in the distance.

And I've only just written about the "self defense from criminals" aspect of my Second Amendment rights. As Mr. Ventura makes clear, the Second Amendment is not about my right to go duck hunting. And just who do these people think they are that I should disarmed and be a sitting duck for scum who laugh at gun laws?


Joan of Argghh! said...

"I know of NO police officer in the United States who has a personal interest in providing protection to me."

Totally tweeted that!

William Stout said...

The debates going on about gun control is useless. Those who support gun control want the American public disarmed. They don't want us to have an AR-15 because you can't hunt with it. That is complete BS. I have seen deer taken with the .223 round fired from this rifle using iron sights. Do most people use an AR-15 to hunt deer? No, but most people don't hunt squirrel with a .22 pistol either.

And as far as ammunition is concerned, placing a limit on that is ridiculous. Back when I was shooting competitively I used to fire about 20,000 rounds a year and I know shooters that fired way more than I did. One year another shooter and I went in on a bulk order and I loaded about 40,000 rounds that year. Was I a criminal? If they limit me to one or two thousand how the hell are competitive shooters going to practice? They were match grade reloads, but do you think any of the suits in D.C. care about that? What's next powder limitations? Limits on primers? The numbers of speed loaders and magazines you can buy? Are they going to make me register my reloading gear? Puhleez.

Each and every time some nut job goes on a rampage it is we shooters who are indexed to pay and I, for one, am sick and tired of being branded a criminal because of my firearms. The left can get bent.