Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DHS stockpiling of guns and ammo.

The most chilling aspect of this, the part that tells you that the Republicans are spineless and without the least concern for the liberties of the people and the old Constitution, is that Mitt Romney never raised the issue in his campaign about Obama’s wanting an unconstitutional civilian police force and the massive DHS ammunition buy (among others).

Not one word. Not from ANY Republican.

Some champions of the liberty and security of Americans.

Nowhere in the Constitution is there any provision for the president to have at his disposal a civilian police force that is well funded as the military. If it had been Bush '43 who'd proposed this, the headline of the New York Times would have been "GESTAPO! GESTAPO!"

Since it's Obama who's talking about this, however, the corrupt leftist press would discuss it in terms of the Mayberry Police Department, if it even mentioned it at all. Just Andy and Don planning a little target practice. Relax!

Read Joseph Farah's thinking on these issues here: "J. Farah: Why is government stockpiling guns, ammo?" World Net Daily, 2/3/13.

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