Thursday, May 1, 2014

A most horrifying death.

The grisly details of this triple murder take the number of farm murders to 50 so far in South Africa, this year alone. The continued farm related murders are a constant problem and an issue the current government has not sufficiently dealt with.

The German Schutte family met with a most horrifying death . . . .

Almost one killing a day.

"South Africa Farm Murders Continue to Dominate the Headlines." By Laura Oneale, Liberty Voice, 3/4/14.


Xealot said...

I'm going to take a page from Tom Kratman and suggest that this sort of thing must be met with escalating violence. This is terrorism, plain and simple.

When a politically (or ethnically) minded group kills 10 of your people, kill 100 of them, from their group of militants. If they blow up one of your buildings, blow up 10 of theirs. Escalate until they surrender. Twist their arms until they cry uncle.

Not very Christian, I know. This is a fallen world. Some people only understand violence. They don't speak any other language.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I wish I could point you to a video I saw a few years back. A black American fellow appeared on YouTube and ranted on "this Islam thing." It was a masterpiece of controlled outrage and commonsense expressing your thoughts in every respect. It was taken down but it was one of the most magnificent things I've ever seen on the web. The very polar opposite of the "Dear me. Maybe this, maybe that" fecklessness that characterizes the West these days.