Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lone incompetent.

These lone wolves. These homegrown violent extremists are people who keep me up at night, as well. Trying to monitor them, trying to anticipate what it is they are going to do. And the experience that we had in Boston is instructive. It only takes only one or two people to really do something horrific.
~ Attorney General Holder, 7/14/14.

Had Mr. Holder said "It only takes only one or two Muslims" he would have been on terra firma. As is, his statement is dishonest and ominous. He ignores what we know about Islamic terrorism, domestic extremism, "threatened insurrection," and unpunished, vile murder, the motivation for which is as fresh as the morning dew.

Contrast Holder's laughable description of his greatest worry with the evidence of America's "growing police state apparatus."

Whom should Americans fear most in these days?

Patriotic Americans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and surly bloggers infuriated by federal excess and lies?

Or a federal government that has broken free of its constitutional moorings and procures huge stores of hollow-point small arms ammunition for the country's premiere civilian "internal security" agency?

H/t: Remus, "Yer Ol' Woodpile Report."

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