Friday, October 24, 2014

Oh, For Joy

It’s here.

A few words about contagious diseases:

  • They’re spread by microbes.
  • Microbes don’t carry passports.
  • Microbes aren’t intimidated by guns.
  • Microbes are indifferent to politicians’ preferences.
  • Microbes don’t distinguish among human transportation mechanisms.
  • All a microbe cares about is its vector: the living body that shelters it.

You probably knew all that. The Gentle Readers of Liberty’s Torch mostly paid attention in high school biology class. So why did I bother typing it? On the extremely remote chance that some member of our political elite might stop by seeking the information. If we go by their actions, they seem not to possess it.

In consequence, New York City, America’s media hub and the Western world’s financial center, is now host to an Ebola patient. How much of your next paycheck would you be willing to bet that Craig Spencer hasn’t infected at least one other person since he arrived in these United States?

Doctors Without Borders has a glow of sanctity about it. Yet this supposedly admirable eleemosynary organization is thoroughly statist in orientation and has been at the center of several humanitarian disasters. If you haven’t read Jean-Francois Revel’s The Flight From Truth, his revelations about Medecins Sans Frontiers are only one of the many reasons you should do so. Its philosophy and practices are among the worst outcroppings of transnational progressivism in our time.

It is clear that at least one Doctor Without Borders had no qualms about risking the lives of untold thousands of Americans. Perhaps he's stupid; I've known enough genuinely stupid doctors to be under no illusions about the intellectual level of the medical profession. Or perhaps he thinks it's no more than we deserve.

At any rate, the Ebola virus is now in the Big Apple. Yet my wife keeps haranguing me about my reluctance to leave the house. It is to laugh.

It often seems to me that the threats to the United States "have us outnumbered," such that we are no longer capable of withstanding them. There are certainly enough of them. Worse, our political class appears determined to create or import as many more as possible.

I think we've crossed a threshold. There was an America that is no longer; have a small convincer to that effect. The America that is shares nothing but the name with that lost predecessor. Whether or not you yearn for the former, you suffer with the latter. Whether the former can be restored is increasingly doubtful.

It is possible that the State's atomization strategy has gone far enough to thwart effective resistance to the completion of its totalitarian agenda. The introduction of "faceless fears" such as Ebola would certainly assist in that effort. "Lone wolf" terrorism is in that category as well.

Is there anyone out there who doesn't get the point of the following:


If you do get it, how can you imagine that the rapid multiplication of threats to life, health, and property we can all see proliferating around us, while our supposed "protectors" not only do nothing to thwart them but actively assist in their proliferation, is "just a coincidence?"

Time to check the pantry and count the bullets once more.


Joan of Argghh! said...


I've watched doctors and nurses completely FAIL at protocol. I am not confident.

Magnus said...

I no longer have any loyalty to this dead system. Williamson mentioned Sam Francis' notion of anarcho-tyranny. Can anyone give a more accurate description of what is going on in this country?

The Left has declared war, and the Right should take them at their word. It maddens me to no end that the Right chirps about the Left's hypocrisy. This is no mere hypocrisy. These are tactics: tactics in a war. The Left hates us. They want to destroy the foundations of traditional society, family, religion, morality and decency. And what do we do in response? Point and sputter? Cry out, "That's not fair?"

They are in a war. They are determined, putting their time, energy and money into accomplishing their goals. What does the Right do? Enter their narrative? Call the Left the "true racists" who are "waging the true war on women?" Why do we use their words against them? Even in our calling them out on hypocrisy, they are still winning the ideological war as we are entering their narrative and using their vocabulary and embracing their ideals.

Worse yet, the Right's highest virtue in being nice. "We'll show you we aren't all those bad things you say about us, and to prove it, we'll embrace your liberalism in our own conservative way! We'll embrace it so much, we'll make you look like hypocrites." Even Christians are obsessed about being liked. No more standing up to evil! No, we must embrace the people who want to destroy us and everything good, because maybe, just maybe, they'll stop calling us homophobes.

Fran, I am not a passive fatalist, but do you ever think that we're fighting against something that God has in mind? That this is all just part of something humanity has to go through? I can't help but wonder sometimes. Part of me wants to confront everything thinking there is some way to make a difference. The other part of me wants to get out of danger's way with my family, surrounded with like-minded families. You know, like Ol' Remus often says, "Stay away from crowds," and all that.

Anonymous said...

A furnace, a sacrifice, the Thing Itself showing up and saying, We are here to live. So many are here for that.

Enoch, Lot, Daniel. The Son of Man. War in Heaven.

The Tree was a sprout. That curly shiny pathogen has a head start.

Now that health and safety are of some concern, get ready. That is like being handed a gun, and rations, and being thrown into something that no one prepared you for.

Angels do not much like it, either. At least that is one thing we have in common.

Jamie NZ said...

Scene from Platoon

{Chaos and confusion reigns, fear panic and death is near, the fog of war}

Sgt. Barnes: [To CDC/Barack Hussein Obama]

You ignorant asshole!!!
What the fuck coordinates you giving???
You wasted a lot of people up there with your fucked-up pandemic response!!!

You know that???
You know that???

....Ah, shit!!!

Sgt. Barnes: Y'all take a good look at this lump of shit. Remember what it looks like.
You fuck up in a pandemic and I goddamn guarantee you a trip out of the bush in a body bag!!!
Out here, assholes, you keep your shit wired tight at all times!!!

[To 'the keep calm crowd']

Sgt. Barnes: And that goes for you, shit-for-brains. You don't run your mouth on no fucking ebola-pandemic!!!

[To CDC/US Govt]

Sgt. Barnes: And the next son of a bitch I catch copping "Z"s in the bush, I'm personally gonna take an interest in seeing him suffer.

I shit you not....

Francis........ Tag em and bag em

Ronbo said...

The Leftist Ruling Class in America knows the law abiding mask wore for decades, if not ripped off, has pretty much slipped off thanks to Obama, and shows the hideous Stalinist monster underneath. Naturally the majority of good and decent Americans have recoiled in horror.

I predict in the mid term elections patriots will do their best to throw the Democrat Progressives bums out – and I wish them well; however, as a student of history I know that no ruling class goes peacefully into the night.

Therefore, I expect the Obama Regime to do in the next two years what they have always done – double down in their efforts to stop the patriot majority. This reaction could take many forms: mass arrests of leading patriots like Rush Limbaugh, the seizure of businesses of those who have given large donations to the Tea Party, censorship of right wing blogs on the Internet, etc., etc., etc.

Needless to say, mass repression by the Obama Regime of the loyal opposition at this critical time can only have the short or long range effect in turning the heretofore peaceful middle class into an armed revolutionary force determined to destroy the Obama Regime and its many stooges.

“Rivers of Blood” a famous man once titled a speech – I agree :!: At some point there will “rivers of blood” flowing in an America at civil war and I hope it’s the blood of the American Left and their willing stooges.