Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Pursuant to this excellent suggestion from Our Imperial Majesty Emperor Misha, I hereby announce the formation of the:

League Of Outlaw Bloggers

...and do therefore solicit applications for membership.


  • You must write decently.
  • You must have been “born with a six-gun in my hand.”
  • You must pledge never, ever, to kowtow to the Left or the shrieks of the perpetually offended.

Members shall display the following logo at their sites:

...and while in good standing shall have Guest Posting privileges here at Liberty’s Torch.

Who’d like to join?

Update: Just in case anyone misunderstood: The Member's Guest Posting privilege is exactly that: a privilege. It's not mandatory that you actually use it!


  1. I think I fail on two counts!

    Count One, I do not think I write well enough even though I do raise Islamic Blood Pressure on a weekly Basis.

    Count Two, I was not born with "A Six Gun in My Hand"! My father owned nothing but 1911s.

    Count Three, I am sorry are you discussing that annoying background noise?

  2. I, Backwoods Engineer, a Bastion of Liberty blogroll member and loyal reader, hereby apply. Please add The Backwoods Engineer to the list. Image shall be posted with haste.

    By the way, I just finished re-reading the Spoonerite trilogy. It is so amazing, even better the 2nd time. I must write a monster blogpost of a review.

  3. Dear Mr. Poretto:

    In my case, I would say that the issue is not capability, but availability. The spirit is willing, but there are only so many hours in one day, 8 of which are sleep, 3 hours for personal maintenance, 10 hours for work, and 3 for commuting. That leaves only...... Oh wait....
    (reset) If you are willing to take an article once a fortnight, say, I'd be thrilled to post on your site.


  4. The Guest Posting privilege is exactly that" a privilege. It's not mandatory that you actually use it!

  5. I'm into the idea.

    Although I do need to be better about updating the damn thing.

  6. I think this is a good idea, however I don't have a blog at this point. Once I set up my server (I don't think I will use the provider), When that will be is unknown at this point... I will ping you.

    Thanks, Fran.

  7. A fine idea! But I was born with an FALFN 7.62 in hand and alas, cannot write worth a damn.

  8. It is a fine idea! Though I have never met a sentence I couldn't destroy (or at least beat into submission). I would be honored if you saw fit to allow this old retired Sailor into the mix. I promise not to make a mess on your carpet, pull the dogs tail, or knock over any of the china.

  9. The Colonel dutifully applies for renewal of all privileges, white or otherwise.

  10. Grandpa is considering if he has the time, and/or the inclination.... I suppose I have the inclination, Lord knows I'm enough of a barcastic sasstard.... er, sarcastic bastard.... and I was born with a lot more than a smoke wagon in my fist, my papa was an Army gunny. I suppose, also, that rather than proofing, spellchecking, and usage checking y'all; putting my own "eloquent prose' (sorry, cracked a rib laughing at myself there) I could put up or shut up. My dearly beloved says shutting up ain't going to happen... and she and the good Lord know I'm not happy unless and until I make a liberal cry... I guess I'm in if y'all would have me. If not, I'm good with that.
    Might even make me more regular, in more ways than one... Anywho, if so, count Grandpa in.
    - Stormfriend

  11. Grandpa says he's in, if anyone is interested. Man, I hate being senile, although I meet new folks all the time. And I'm not a robot.

  12. Well, I'm certainly willing to join up, but the whole concept leaves me puzzled. To be an "outlaw" implies that there actually IS a Rule of Law, and that concept is long dead in what used to be America.

  13. (chuckle) A mere technicality, Wraith. By the way, there's a site for the League. All I need is the email address in your Blogger profile, and you'll receive Member's posting powers.

  14. I would be honored to be a part of this fine organization. While I'm not a writer of the skill level of, say Katharine Hamm, I certainly try my best.

    And for some shameless promotion and examples:

  15. All I need is an email address for you, Angry. The invite will follow immediately.

  16. Our Six-gun:

    Our Resume:

    My Nephew's Website that will display your logo shorty:

    We want in. Beware, we operate under the policy that WHEN the bastards come for us, we will send the first three in the stack to hell with us - where we will proceed to kill them again. We are unapologetic in our views, and too old to even know the meaning of the word "yield."

  17. I need an email address for you to be able to "invite" you to Member status, Hemp. Any address at which you can receive the invitation will do.

  18. HempRopeAndStreetlightNovember 22, 2014 at 3:37 PM

    Nephew has the links and Icons all finished up. I screwed up the whole invite thing trying to set up a google mail account. Could you send another e-mail? The kid will do it for me this time. Many apologies.

  19. This will be a good thing. So far, we seem to be perking right along.


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