Saturday, November 8, 2014

Quickies: The Left And Proportion

A fascinating look at the sort of “selective high dudgeon” Mr. Goska cites in the article linked in my previous post is available from this article:

The latest video [embedded above] to have caught the attention of the ranks of the constantly offended is one in which a young woman is filmed walking through areas of Manhattan. The video, filmed over a ten hour period includes various examples of men saying things ranging from "Hey, how you doin'?" to "Have a nice evening, darling". At the end of the video we are told that if we want to help those who have been affected, we should donate to "Hollaback!"

Curious as to how one helps traumatised women such as the one videoed, who apparently had endured aural and mental torture, I wondered what such money would be going towards. As expected, donations do not go towards providing counselling to women who, after receiving unsolicited comments, are plunged into PTSD nor sadly is the money funnelled into large billboards and public service announcements telling young women to get over themselves and ignore it.

Instead, Hollaback! wants a "culture shift" where unsolicited greetings are seen as taboo, and tells us that catcalling is "sexual assault" and "gender-based violence", which doesn't leave many terms to describe more serious offences. If a builder shouting, "Nice legs, love," is committing an act of sexual assault and "gender-based violence," then was Rotherham a gender Holocaust?

Despite (or perhaps as a response to) the hilarious identity politics mess it got itself into due to most of the perpetrators of these "assaults" being black or Hispanic, Hollaback!, with the sort of multicultural sensitivity which comes as standard with hand-wringing campaigns, hastens to tell us catcalling is "not a cultural thing" and that all forms of "gender-based violence" follow along the same lines no matter what the country.

Truly, it’s impossible to be a Leftist and possess a sense of proportion...or humor. (Oh, but do please remember: It’s not an unborn child; it’s just “a blob of tissue.”)


Anonymous said...

Steven Crowder dispels some of this video with his own. All we see is the negative in 10 hours? There are times I see the beauty in other women aside from my spouse, I'd love to express to them in words, but I guess I've unknowingly been conditioned to not.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything nasty. Now "Come sit on Papa's face" might be offensive.

gwynn romano said...

Just finished reading F.Roger Devlin's essay "Sexual Utopia in Power" which clearly lays out how the Sexual Revolution / Feminism, has screwed up so many young men and women. As a society, we've removed God and elevated ourselves to the status of gods; free to do as we please. There will be a course correction.