Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pearls of expression.

I have to be bemused at all the criticism of Silicon Valley’s lack of diversity. How someone can walk into an office and see a workforce comprised of Ukrainians, Persians, Afghans, Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Hispanics, and the odd Irish guy, and then say “hey, where’s the black guy, what is this, a meeting of the KKK?”, bewilders me.

Comment by TD on "How to Make Sense of an Incoherent America." By Victor Davis Hanson, Victor Davis Hanson's Private Papers. 2/11/15.


  1. Ah, diversity. What would we do without it?

    Apart from getting a hell of a lot more work done, I mean.

  2. Majority populations owe it to minorities to treat them fairly and provide all citizenship rights.

    And to require all citizen responsibilities be fulfilled.

    We've taken the approach that minorities have a special superior status in the courts and the workplace and that they have a superior right to taxpayer money. Not only that, but we've engaged in massive efforts to increase the numbers of minorities in the country for no other reason than that they are foreigners.

    Now we have to be vigilant that we not "offend" the ever-so-delicate sensibilities of minorities in our own country.


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