Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Quickies: “Retro-Sexism”

     There’s an illuminating and highly positive article at The Federalist on this remarkable phenomenon and the apoplexy it’s causing The Left:

     You’ll see her perched at a banquette at the bar after work: the millennial college grad nursing that outdated American dream of marriage, kids, and the house with the lawn and the white picket fence… She’s nursing a stiff drink, too, because husband-hunting is hard work these days, not to mention frowned upon in college-educated career-girl circles. She toys with a stray curl and sucks listlessly at (how fitting) an Old Fashioned, or a gin martini (but only one) if she’s out with an older man and wants to seem sophisticated.

     She may go full-blown retro and have her hair done in pin curls, or it may be modern, but her lips are likely stained a crimson shade—Bésame’s Red Velvet 1946 as seen in ABC’s “Agent Carter” is a good bet these days. She’s dressed in something fetching and feminine that she got from Etsy, eBay, or one of the dozens of “vintage inspired” or reproduction clothing companies that have gained popularity in the last decade (PinUp Girl, Tatyana Boutique, Stop Staring, Collectif, Trashy Diva, Bettie Page Clothing, Queen of Heartz, Heart of Haute, Voodoo Vixen, ReVamp Vintage…the list goes on.)

     I beseech you to read it all! If you have the slightest regard for femininity or freedom, it’s guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face. If you’re male and single, it might even get you thinking positive thoughts about marriage.

     The feminist mouthpieces are losing their collective marbles over the explosion of “retro-sexism.” Of course, “feminism,” a wholly owned and not-at-all autonomous subsidiary of The Left, has always been anti-choice, regardless of its representations:

     "No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one." -- Interview with Simone de Beauvoir, "Sex, Society, and the Female Dilemma," Saturday Review, June 14, 1975, p.18

     ...but the weeping and gnashing of teeth among contemporary feminists is nevertheless a soul-soothing marvel to behold. Are these...women not bright enough to realize that they’re giving the game away?

     Maybe they aren’t, at that. The brightest woman I know (IQ approximately 180), my Vietnamese-American sweetie Duyen, sneers at any mention of them or their nonsense. The very idea that she should refrain from wearing tight dresses, short skirts, or high heels, or that she should never have gotten the various “upgrades” she freely chose to get, leaves her in stitches. But then, Duyen understands freedom. She risked her life to obtain it.

     The whole agenda of the Left is to persuade Americans that freedom is a bad idea. Feminism is integral to that project. Why else would feminists condemn the very women it claims to represent for choosing a course through life simply because it appeals to them?

     Stay stupid, feminists. Perhaps it will cushion your fall into the dustbin of history.


Unknown said...

Well said sir. My mother, were she still with us, would agree.

Reg T said...

John Brunner, in his novel _Stand On Zanzibar_ (1968), wrote of how the Progs tell us we must behave. I can't recall the expressions he used, but it boiled down to "I can't, so you can't. I _can_ but you musn't."

I would add the feminist, "I don't want to, so you cannot be allowed to."