Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pat Condell On “America’s Moment of Truth”

     The following video is only eight minutes long. Please watch it.

     It cannot be put any better than that...even by an American.


  1. Mr. Condell has nailed it. I'm proud of the Brits for the outcome of the Brexit vote. I hope and pray we as Americans aren't too numb, or apathetic, to pull back on the reins of our out of control government. And by the way, we as citizens do have that power. We can certainly start by sending a clear message on November 8th. Vote Trump!

    He's not sticking his nose in our business, either. It's just that he has smelled the same B.S.

  2. Thank you, sir.

    ...we of European heritage (no matter on what continent)...are imperiled via the globalist agenda.

    Sadly methinks, we true Americans are gonna be forced (by our/your enemies) to exercise our 2nd Amendment insurance policy...against the tyranny confronting us!!!

    ...if so, its gonna be a "bloody mess" over here, before sanity returns.


  3. Every voter in America needs to hear this. This guy is spot on.


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