Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I'll be on the road until about February 10 with light blogging in between, if any.

In the meantime, do not miss this superb piece on Pres. Trump's foreign policy:

"Donald Trump Has a Coherent, Radical Foreign Policy Doctrine." By George Friedman, Real Clear World, 1/20/17.

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  1. I've recently begun using the scheduling feature of Blogger. In the past, it was feast (when I got my ire up) or famine (when life got too complicated) for blogging output.

    I'm holding back now - only releasing a same-day post when it is truly time-dependent - and scheduling them for about 3 times a week. I'm doing that on both current blogs

    Right As Usual

    and At Last! Retiring for Good

    which deals with topics related to the period just before retirement - Pre-Retirement - and the first few years after. I'm making it a personal story of my planning and researching, as well as providing links and information about topics of us oldies.

    Feel free to make suggestions about ways to improve it. It's my hope that it will eventually become a source of income (at least a little).


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