Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It’s One Of Those Days...

     ...when my morning news-and-commentary review leaves me with a huge grin and nothing to say except for the love of God, read this in its entirety!

     Mike Hendrix lays a classically beautiful smackdown on a typically sanctimonious left-liberal who’s decided to separate “America,” which he “loves,” from Americans, whom he can’t stand. If there were a Hall of Fame for such efforts, this one would surely go into it on the first ballot.

     No pull quotes. Just read it.


  1. Projection much? He is expressing in writing every single attitude that he fears "Trump supporters" might have...when in reality it is *he* that holds them.


  2. Absolutely love the statement that maybe he should buy a gun, so when the inevitable fight comes; conservatives a won't be the only ones armed...
    Why, yes! Please do. This could be fun. Ugly, brutal, loud fun. /sarc off

  3. Aside from the obvious projection, I had to laugh at the image of these fragile snowflakes trying to arm themselves. If they don't break down in tears at the trauma of firing their first shot, they'll shoot themselves, their comrades (yes, that's a deliberate word choice), innocent by-standers, or anything else other than what they're aiming at.

    That's assuming they can even figure out how to work it, load it, or even match up the right ammo to the firearm. Or that will even be allowed to purchase a firearm in their little slice of workers' paradise.

  4. Gee, I hope Mr. Kreider goes ahead and buys a gun. I'm four ahead of him, and have plenty of protection ammo.
    And why on earth does he want a gun? To defend himself against the Americans he hates, or is it to poll individuals, and if they give the wrong answer, execute them on the spot?
    Don't fear us Kreider; fear yourself.

  5. Ugh... that second piece was such a load of drivel I couldn't stand to read it. No sir, we are not eeeevil. This post graduate degreed, half mexican, married to a LEGAL immigrant, who lives in one of the bluest areas of a super blue state voted for Trump. Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

    I did find it interesting that they only talked about getting guns after having a few drinks. Telling that.


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