Thursday, August 24, 2017

An Announcement

     As Yahoo’s email service has become completely unreliable – their Web programmers don’t seem to know how to write a decent script – I am forced to announce a new email address for my Web correspondents.

     In the future, please address all correspondence to:

morelonhouse – at – optonline – dot – net

     I'll check it once per day, probably in the morning. Thank you for your patience, especially those of you who’ve been waiting to hear from me!

All my best,

1 comment:

JWM said...

In a comment on your "Tea Leaves" post from a few days back I speculated on whether web censorship would cause Bloggers to resort to individual or group e-mail to get their message out. See Vox Day's post today. He has taken that precaution against getting de-platformed. That's why I wrote this address down with a real pen on real paper.