Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Mark Steyn is substituting for Rush today. He just had this gem on the reason for Trump's election: The reason for the election of Trump is that people were tired of the ritual of politics that has no relevance to their lives.

I once had some fun with a friend of mine when we were sitting at the dinner table. His five-year-old daughter noticed that the pattern on our coffee cups did not match the pattern on their respective saucers. She wanted us to "fix" it and it was beyond obvious what she wanted us to do, namely, merely switch the saucers. Done and done.

In a rare moment her dad and I both decided to frustrate this beautiful child and merely exchanged cup and saucer so that he had what I had and I had what he had.

She didn't like this so again wanted us to "fix" it, whereupon dad handed me his cup and I handed him my saucer. We next merely exchanged what we had, exchanging cups for saucers. This frustrated her no end as she considered it obvious what she wanted. Which it was, of course, and her relief was palpable when we finally "fixed" it.

It was a choice moment and it's emblematic of what Steyn is talking about. Politicians know damn well what the majority of Americans want but obtusely refuse to do that.

The "far-right" (Wikipedia) Breitbart had a story yesterday about how Trump’s "pro-immigration globalist aides and their counterparts on both sides of Capitol Hill" are working on a deal for amnesty (SHMG) for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” that would be "in exchange for a package of real or symbolic benefits for Americans." The word "symbolic" in there tells it all.

There was a massive show of voter support for Trump because he spoke of building a wall in no uncertain terms, but now the political cockroaches and toads are working on something that is a total negation of the idea (1) that America can and must control its borders and (2) that foreigners who violate American immigration laws are entitled to zero consideration because of that violation. These concepts are negotiable in their minds and represents maudlin fawning over foreigners and contempt for Americans.

The opposite, let it be said, of what we voted for last time around (and a hundred times before). Did we vote for ramped up war in Afghanistan? No, we didn't. In the pipeline? More war in Afghanistan. Did any voter have the least interest in who rules Syria or Libya? No. No one gave a tinkers dam but billions of dollars and oceans of blood later America contemplate the damage from our unconstitutional, aggressive wars on Libya and Syria.

The political class better wake up to this voter fury at being ignored and seeing our streets turned into playgrounds for leftist scum with zero official interest in enforcing clear, simple provisions of the criminal law.

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