Saturday, July 25, 2020

Saturday Musings - 7/15/2020

I'm writing this on my new laptop - this time, a PC, rather than a Mac. There's not that much difference in the look & feel of it (save for being newer and more responsive, and having a touch screen). I'd been a little concerned about moving all my stuff from one system to another, but it's fine - I was able to access both the iCloud and Google Drives, and my passwords ported from one system to another seamlessly.

I read a piece in City Journal - I try to read it each quarter - and found that Dalyrumple had written of a speech that had been interrupted by a mob of Anti-But-Really-Fascists (ABRF) in no-longer-so-Great-Britain. From the description, the British police have been more thoroughly co-opted by the Left than is normal here. They slow-walked their defense of the audience and speakers, let the mob terrify any object of their opposition without push-back, and generally acted to facilitate their abuse of their enemies, however old and feeble.

It's a shame. Britain had a long tradition of freely allowing speech in public places; although not specifically protected, they had tolerated people on soapboxes, ranting, since before the time of Queen Victoria. It's how many of the Leftists were able to gain power; they worked without official opposition or repression (except for that time actually during England's war with the Nazis, even the Fascist Party was permitted to operate, and gained quite a following - even among the upper classes, and including some in the Royal family).

But, no more. The ABRF have, apparently, won. At least, for now.

But, not if Normal Parents/Family are around - they are the ones that are pushing for their offspring to Go the F** Up! It's all to do with Accountability, the subject of Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise today.

Accountability. It's what is missing in the hatching/coddling of today's under-40's. For crying out loud, your parents shouldn't be involved in the day-to-day life of their kids - most kids should have picked up on the not-so subtle lessons learned in a Normal Family, by the time they get to school.

Someone hits you? Hit 'em back, preferably where it hurts, but doesn't leave an obvious mark.

Your sister/brother (I HATE that word, 'sibling') tells on you and gets you into trouble? Make sure they UNDERSTAND that the fallout will be MUCH worse than the satisfaction gained from their squealing.

You make a mess? Clean it up. I really have to admire Pottery Barn's attitude - you break it, you bought it - we don't care that your kid "doesn't know any better". YOU should, and either should have watched the kid, or not brought him into the store.

This isn't just something that happened suddenly. I had a mentor teacher, early in my career, who told us of a student who had dropped a piece of glassware, and broken it. He directed her to the broom and dustpan, and said, "It's OK, just clean it up."

She looked at him, and said, "I don't know how."

He could see she was telling the truth, and asked, "Why not?"

She said she had a maid.

He teased, "What happens when you're on your own?"

She said, "I'll either earn enough to have a maid, or I'll marry someone who can afford it." She wasn't kidding - that was her life plan. To be able to turn over those chores to someone else.

He just showed her how to do it, and marveled at the attitude of parents who were so derelict in their obligations to the rest of us, that they'd failed to prepare their kid for life's realities.

Go read the Wilder piece - you'll find yourself nodding along with the reasoning.

SC is back in semi-lockdown. Masks required in all public places, kids still out of school, many people getting used to the restrictions, and the Virtuous Mask-Nannies are strutting their stuff online and off.

I'm truly  getting tired of trying to hear the news, delivered, as it is, by reporters covered by masks (you're generally outdoors, the mask is NOT necessary).

Gotta go, I'm off to Weight Watchers.

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Accountability - our lonely friend!