Thursday, July 23, 2020

They're Cornered, and Have Nothing to Lose

Many White People feel like they've been backed into a corner by the relentless hectoring of the Better Sort of White People.

You know them - they're the ones that self-righteously and smugly inform you about ALL the myriad ways that you have failed to admit your deep-seated fear and loathing of Black People. And, that you need to send $$$$$ to 1-800-IM-SO-BAD-HURT-ME-PLEASE to expiate your sins.

We've just about reached that point when those same White People are asking the inconvenient question - if I admit my 'guilt' and STILL get beat up, abused, and subject to differential government actions (always against them) - why the hell am I still going along with this?

The sad thing is, most people - White and Black - would be fine with living in peace with each other. Most Americans share a lot of common culture, and are not averse to living with those of other races.

But, if White People have to stand around and watch their kids targeted for abuse because of their race, they will move away. Far, far away from the likelihood of contact with large numbers of non-White people.

If White People have to sit in meetings at school and work, only to listen to harangues about their inferiority and unworthiness, they will check out mentally, and find ways to minimize their presence in the future.

I think the Left completely underestimates with willingness of the Normals to continue going along with their cr@p. So far, they've been (mostly) fairly compliant - OK, maybe snickering in the back rows of the meeting, and writing snide notes about the pointlessness of all that Nagging (some of the men have been married, and are use to women lecturing them).

But, little serious resistance.

So far.

But, now, apparently sensing that their March to the Leftist Utopia is nearly at an end, the Left is shoving all their chips in, and betting they can bluff us.

I understand this, because my Dad gambled, and I had the opportunity to observe good, bad, and - where my Dad was concerned, truly World-Class Bluffing. So, I'm not easily pushed into throwing in the hand.

Totally Off-Topic Update on C-Death. I did a quick check of this, and the numbers (and the reasoning behind the numbers) look good. We're on a delay in School Start Date in SC at the moment. I'm in a group on Facebook with a high number of teachers (mostly my friends, but also family). They are loudly proclaiming:
  • Trump is an idiot (we didn't hire him for his brains - but for his willingness to tackle the Deep State)
  • Everyone is gonna D-I-I-I-E-E-E if they have to return to school this year!!!!!!! Do you want little children to DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • If I'm forced to return before I say I'm ready, I'm just going to retire. (Most of my teacher friends are LONG past normal retirement age).
  • Did I mention that Trump is an idiot? AND E-V-V-I-I-L-L!!!!!!!

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Bigus Macus said...

This is just a modern form of Indulgence, a way to reduce the amount of punishment one has to undergo for their perceived sins.

They think the can buy absolution for their White Sins.

Nothing new under the Sun. They are all losers and rubes