Tuesday, August 4, 2020

"He's a Good Boy - He Goes to Church Every Sunday"

Those words, in the title, have been uttered by almost every mother/grandmother whose child has been arrested for a felony. After a time, having heard that cry from family of students I KNEW to be violent thugs, I'd learned that the words had a different meaning to the grieving family than what they conveyed to the rest of us.

That phrase meant:
  • This must be a mistake/frame by an evil and corrupt justice system.
  • I've put my whole being into the belief that I was making the right decisions. Don't tell me I wasted my whole life.
  • I made decisions based on what experts told me. I supported his self-esteem, put him into sports, gave grown men access to him, so he could replace his father (but fathers are truly irreplaceable).
  • I took him to church. Thought I lived a different life the other 6 days, that should have been enough.
To their families, the only face-saving answer is that the system is out to GET innocent people. It cannot be that I wasted my life.

Likewise, for the BLM activists, and those that have put their lives on hold to support them, it cannot be that their actions are causing LOSS of support among the Non-Woke.

For the AntiFa, and their MANY Woke supporters, it cannot be that "The Cause" for which they have destroyed any hope of a Normal life - family, secure finances, education that is actually useful - is, indeed, a "Lost Cause".

I haven't checked it out, but I suspect that a significant portion of those Southerners who doggedly pursued remembrance of the "Lost Cause" of their time were the single women. Those who would normally have married and had families. Those who, due to the massive numbers that died in the war they initiated, never were able to form a Normal life.

They COULD have blamed themselves, for failing prey to the hucksters of the Confederacy, but - come on! Does anyone ever blame themselves? Or, do they deflect that blame to their 'enemies'?

The same will happen to the Loyalists of the Woke Cause - they will fade away. Oh, they will meet, regularly at first, then, eventually, yearly, to commemorate their Shining Moment in the Revolutionary Sun.

Think I'm deluded? Check out this anniversary celebration, and look at the size of the crowd online. (View it in YouTube - at the time I linked this, only a pitiful 636 views). Other videos commemorating the events 50th anniversary are similarly poorly viewed.

That's a tell - on such an important anniversary, with no travel expenses, and only a few minutes needed to participate - The Kent State deaths couldn't even manage to get ONE THOUSAND people to open their laptops to play along.

Baby, the 60s are OVER!

The Leftist Protests are a dying industry. The participants are:
  • Unemployed "Studies" majors (Gee, I wonder why they're unemployed?)
  • Bitter old women (Jane Fonda, Ashley Judd, Bette Midler, Gloria Steinem, your ex-wife, et al)
  • The soy-boys who want to pretend they are Real Men
  • Blacks who've bought into the idea that the reason their lives turned out badly was Other People (White/Jewish/KKK), and not their own actions
  • People belonging to "religious" institutions that are shrinking faster than Joe Biden's brain
  • The Leftist Industrial Complex
    • Schools/Universities
    • Leftist Churches
    • Government workers
    • Social Workers, Activists, Community Organizers, and other Leeches on the Poor
    • News Media, particularly the dying dead tree/network types
    • Those connected with the traditional publishing industry
    • Human Resources and other staff departments in large companies
    • Hollywood
NONE of them are in growth industries. NONE of them will survive over the next 25 years (some say in as little as 5 years, they could all be gone).

Like those Confederates that have no home to return to, they are fighting to the death. And, this is their Last Stand.


S Richard said...

Your insight and perception on the current state of "Union", I could not agree more. Why then do you find it necessary to bring Johnny Reb into the discussion. He is in no way responsible for the current state of affairs. If anyone of that time is to blame, it is Lincoln. His actions set forces in motion that led to the massive government we have today. Johnny Reb just wanted to get away from it.

Linda Fox said...

Sorry, I have to disagree. I live in SC (born and raised in OH, but moved for a job about 15 years ago). SC was the epicenter of secessionist frenzy. They had been itching for a fight, for a long time.

I can't say that Lincoln personally was the igniter - the rabid partisans on the Republican side (John Brown, the New England hot-heads, and the firebrands of Oberlin were just some of the non-compromisers) also added their fuel to the fire.

The fact is - the opposing sides had used up all their 'give' in the give-and-take of American values. Their positions had solidified, and open warfare was necessary for the Eastern/Southern states to survive - with ONE left standing. Don't forget, both of the seaboard locations were finding it hard to survive, with the competition from the Western territories. Western expansion would disrupt the status quo; changes were increasing, in part due to the rigidity of both social and economic systems of the North/South regions. The West represented opportunity.

Lincoln fell into that trap. That he managed to win was almost a fluke.

Paul Bonneau said...

"SC was the epicenter of secessionist frenzy."

Hmmm, why does it require a frenzy, to want to secede? Was there something wrong with secession?

If the war can be laid at any one person's feet, it was Lincoln. And if anyone fell into the trap, it was the southern hotheads and the trap was set by Lincoln. All the southerners had to do, was let the Federals in Ft. Sumter sink a ship that was refusing to pay the federal tariff - ideally including women and children as casualties. Then Lincoln would have gotten little support for his invasion.

ruralcounsel said...

"I can't say that Lincoln personally was the igniter"

Except his decision to march Federal troops through Virginia and beyond was the primary cause of the rest of the southern states rebellion and succession. Had he not done so, arguably Lee would have not felt honor-bound to fight for Virginia.