Friday, August 21, 2020

Our New Patriotic Duty - According to Our New Masters

Guys, I enjoy conspiracy theories in movies. They're fun, if more than a little unlikely.

But, IRL (in Real Life), I'm skeptical of the ability of a group of people to keep secrets. Hell, the Klown Korps of the Obama 'Resisters' should be used as a classic example of just how poorly most people keep a lid on the conspiracy plot. I mean, they stood around in corners, snickering about how smart they were compared to us Deplorables.

Then, the Dumba$$es put their plans into TEXT MESSAGES, for crying out loud. And wrote their plans down. And, CC'd others in the loop. They bragged about it, left a trail a blind man could follow, and generally had all the subtlety of The 3 Stooges.

That being said, it's pretty clear that the New Vision of Americans is a conception that only has them living as obedient Serfs. At best. They will have to speak only as permitted, write only approved messages, turn over custody of their kids to the state, and be permitted to move around in public only if covered with masks.

The price of their freedom is to give in to forced vaccinations. No religious or other exemptions allowed.

I'm generally in favor of the major immunizations - MMR, DTP, and polio. Heck, smallpox, should it make a comeback.

But, not Hepatitis, HPV, or a whole lot of other vaccines that are currently on the recommended list. And, definitely not a vaccine that was rushed to the market without sufficient time to thoroughly test it. And, for an illness that shows few symptoms for most people, or very transitory ones.

If the parents WANT them, they can have them. It's their kid. Or, their own self.

If they are dark-skinned (Michelle Obama, not necessarily Barack), they should be informed that they are likely at higher risk. Dark skin does not absorb vitamin D as readily as lighter skin. Many BIPOC are deficient in vitamin D, if they do not live in very sunny climates. For once, my Irish complexion is a blessing, not a curse.

Just don't push the shots on unwilling families. No matter what their presumed risk.

Medically fragile kids? Probably a good idea to get all vaccines.

Most kids, with healthy immune systems? Probably not necessary. May even inhibit the development of a healthy immune system.

I won't be getting it. Not soon, not ever. I will oppose the requirements with every bit of strength I have. In my lifetime, I've had a lot of illnesses - measles, mumps, chicken pox, German measles/rubella, regular yearly flu, Hong Kong flu. Colds, pneumonia, etc. My system beat them all off with few problems or lasting effects. Except to make me stronger and more resistant.

The beauty of people actually contracting easily spread diseases is that their immune system will get long-lasting protection against another bout of the same disease (and, sometimes, similar illnesses). Often that protection lasts a lifetime.

Not with immunizations. Booster shots are necessary, repeated again and again for life. It's both expensive, and often forgotten after childhood.

Do Americans really want to carry around a paper proving that they have been deemed safe by government to live a normal life?

Do they really want to hear, "Papers, please"? Do they want other's fears to control whether they will be PERMITTED to work, go to school, move around in public?

The original Americans would be ashamed to see what a Free People has been reduced to. It does require an overly suspicious person to see a conspiracy to turn Citizens into Subjects.

UPDATE: I just found this on Scientific American - it is chilling.



I'm paraphrasing from memory a "modification" I did to Dostoevsky's quote from the Grand Inquisitor:

"In the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say 'Mask us, social distance us, crush our economy and livelihoods, even force us to take a vaccine... but make us feel safe!'"

I just watched "PlanDemic: InDOCTORnation".

Download ASAP!

Also at Brighteon

Scary stuff.

There's one scene in particular, a snippet. Bill and Melinda Gates where he says something like "If they won't pay attention to this pandemic, maybe they'll pay attention to the next one" - and they both smirk and glance at each other.


I thin you meant to say "It does NOT require..." in the last sentence.