Friday, October 5, 2012

Quickies: Breakthrough!

"I’ve been fortunate enough to hear a lot of liberals whine, moan, grouse, grouch, and pitch temper tantrums. In the midst of all of it they’ve got one tactic that seems unfailingly effective, however, and why this should be, I don’t know. They just tell conservatives something is out of bounds, and magically, it’s suddenly out of bounds. If something is really effective, or gathering steam, well then, it’s crazy and can’t be used. I often wonder to myself, how does that mystical process work?" [From this essay; emphasis added by FWP.]

The essay cited above is relentless in telling us to cast off our reluctance to "offend" the Left. Please read it all; the author's vision is likely critical to our success in the current electoral contest. Having read it, ask yourself: "If I am reluctant to accept these recommendations and exhortations, why is that? Does my reluctance flow from my conception of right and wrong, or from my preferred image of myself?"

By now we should know from their own behavior that virtually nothing really offends them. They'll employ every tactic known to Man, including every form of deceit, intimidation, and outright violence to get what they want. Their justification: "Shut up."

It's really just one more demonstration of their assumption of differential rectitude: a moral and intellectual standing so much higher than ours that it entitles them to treat us like cattle to be herded...and slaughtered when the time is right.

Little of this is genuinely newsworthy. The title of this post is more than half sarcastic. What is newsworthy is that conservatives are awakening to the realities of the ongoing political combat:

  • It's a battle to the death.
  • The stakes are the highest in American history.
  • Only one side is playing by "Marquis of Queensberry" rules.
  • The other side has repeatedly exploited our misplaced concern for gentlemanly behavior.

My own stance is that the deceitful, the venal, and the amoral deserve nothing but contempt while at a distance, and a .223 Remington round between the eyes when they come within range. After study, I realized that Leftist politics are nothing but deception, venality, and amorality. My conclusions were automatic.

Food for thought.

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furball said...

Fran, when I read the post you quote, I thought you had written it, 'til I came back and read the rest of your article. :)