Saturday, October 20, 2012

We will destroy America and Britain and impose Islam.

Only a Western, white liberal can fail to understand what an insufferable prick this Muslim is and the mortal danger to decency and rationality that he represents:

Are you liberal fools so cowardly as to turn your countries and your children over to scum like this? Is there nothing in what you have that you'll fight for? That you value? That is precious to you?

Or does your land deserve to be subjugated by seventh-century pestilential fanatics who despise you for your liberality, your rationality, your compassion, and your precious concern for "inclusion," refugees, and peace?

And for your weakness?

I defy you to listen to this and then continue to mewl about multiculturalism and the kinship of all people. This man doesn't want to be your brother. He wants to dominate you, degrade your women, and turn your land into the cesspool of superstition and despair that third worlders flee by the millions.

But you're doubtless willing to bet it all on multiculturalism and suicidal tolerance. Your entire stack on hitting that one lucky number on the roulette wheel.

Your life, your freedom, your culture, the land of your ancestors, your fortune, and the safety of your family on lucky number 36. In essence, that's your existential bet at the present state of play.

What a putz.

H/t: Eeyore at Vlad Tepes.


KG said...

"Are you liberal fools so cowardly as to turn your countries and your children over to scum like this? Is there nothing in what you have that you'll fight for?"
Is this a trick question? Because all the evidence so far indicates that they are cowards, they will turn their children over to the savages and they'll do it with barely a murmur of anger or even discontent.

Anonymous said...

I am old enough to remember that FDR was accused of setting up Pearl Harbor for attack so that it would rally the people and thus bring us into the war sooner rather than later. The theory was that Germany and Japan had built up an enormously powerful military and they intended to take over the world piece by piece until we stood alone against them. I don't know if FDR set it up but I do know it worked. The attack on Dec 7th 1941 coalesced American opinion and brought us together in a way that was necessary to fight a war with two major military powers. A similar event will be necessary to bring opions together against this threat. Until that happens we will sleepwalk through this threat.

William Stout said...

The left was blinded by the Soviets decades ago and they will not recognize the blade at their throat until it is drawn across it. This is why fundamentalist Islam has spread across Europe so quickly and why the most common name given to a newborn boy born in the U.K. is now Muhammad when once it was George. It is why anti-Semitism is rising in Europe and why educators are hesitant to speak of the Holocaust for fear of insulting Islam.

Riots in France, rapes of Christian women everywhere in Europe that Islam settles, and no go areas for those outside of Islam are the order of the day. But Europe elected to spend money to purchase votes rather than to enhance their own defense because the U.S. was picking up the tab during the Cold War. When the U.S. reduced its footprint in Europe the NATO nations were caught between a rock and a hard place and they began to import taxpayers to support their flagging populations. Unfortunately, Islam came along for the ride.

I expect civil wars in Europe within the next twenty years or so as Islam begins to dominate Western Europe in an effort to re-fight the battle of Tours. This time they plan on winning and there is no Charles Martel to defend. This is exactly what happened to Lebanon in the 1980's. Lebanon was once a pluralist society with a diverse population. But once the number of Muslims reached a majority, they began to identify and to kill their infidel neighbors.

Islam does not care for freedom, or fair play, or for plurality. It cares about dominance and the destruction of its opponent religions. The leftists who praise Islam and call it a religion of peace are in for a rude awakening, but once they have awakened I will bet you dollars to doughnuts that they will be among the first to take the Shahada to save their backsides. So much for atheism.