Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reasons not to vote for Obama -- #2.

REASON # 2: Something is wrong with President Obama's spine.

President Obama clearly has a spine problem that he is not telling us about. The scientific vector diagram above shows that his upper body is bent at least 45 degrees Fahrenheit off of the vertical. It's clearly interfering with his performance of his duties.

Here he's meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and he's unable to look him right in the eye as an American president should be able to do.

Whatever is wrong with Pres. Obama's spine, it's clearly something serious and it makes folks think he's groveling before them.

How can we have any national prestige if folks think your president is bowing low to everybody?


furball said...

Great point!

Dear Mr. Obama,
What is it, vis-a-vis Hugo Chavez's Venezuela that makes you think you should bow to this guy?

(You spineless toadying twerp.)

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Has Señor Chávez morphed into a smiling Asian head of state?

Anonymous said...

Ahha, I know the condition well and predict that it only worsens with time. Eventually the head is lower than the arse as the sufferer closes his eyes and "assumes the position." mara

cmblake6 said...

Because it IS bowing and groveling?