Monday, January 26, 2015

N. American bantustan.

“The America we thought we knew, ladies and gentlemen, is a mirage. It’s a memory. It’s a foreign country,” Jeff Deist, Ron Paul’s former press secretary and chief of staff, told the group. “And that’s precisely why we should take secession seriously.”

* * * *

“We don’t have true democracy,” [Ron Paul] told the Kremlin-based Russia Today network (although he said that his son was one of the forces for good in Washington). “We have a monopoly of ideas that are controlled by leaders of two parties, and though they call it two parties, it’s really one philosophy.”

"Daddy issues: Are Ron Paul’s hard-core stands a problem for son’s presidential bid? While Rand seeks donors, his father talks secession." By David A. Fahrenthold, Washington Post, 1/25/15. A cheesy title for this article but it's the Washington Post after all.

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