Monday, January 19, 2015

We come in peace.

Hundreds of protesters were out in force Saturday at a Muslim gathering [in Garland, Texas] blacked out to the media called “Stand with the Prophet” whose keynote speaker, an imam from Brooklyn, has been linked as an unindicted co-conspirator with the deadly 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

The imam, Siraj Wahhaj, once remarked, “It is my duty and our duty as Muslims to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Quran.”

President Obama formally invited Wahhaj to give a “juma,” or invocation, at the Democratic National Convention in 2012, but his invitation was withdrawn after public criticism of the decision became widespread.[1]

The event spokeswoman Page Spence, had this to say:
We are peaceful people. We want nothing more than to be part of this culture and community. We are level-headed peaceable people who are not trying to convert every single person to our religion.[2]
So, wanting "nothing more than to be a part of this culture and community" involves inviting a Muslim religious leader to be a keynote speaker who thinks it's the duty of all Muslims to replace the Constitution. Call me crazy but I think declaring one's intention to do away with our Constitution is sedition pure and simple and doesn't remotely equate to being "a part of this culture and community." And this schmuck they invited was the keynote speaker?

The translation for patriots of this disgraceful woman's remarks is, "We hope you buy the ridiculous lies we tell you about Islam and our intentions. If you believe that having your Constitution replaced by the Koran is consistent with getting along with you and being part of America, well then, you're stupider than we thought."

I can't find a reference for the date or the words of Imam Wahhaj to the effect that the shariah must replace the Koran. Lots of articles on the web indicate that he "once remarked" that that is the case. I will, however, go way out on a limb and express my opinion that he was quoted correctly above. One source indicated that he said what he said prior to being invited to deliver that "juma" at the 2012 Dem National Convention.[3] Eighteen years having gone by since the attack on WTC, I'm thinking that the Democrats (or Obama himself) did know Wahhaj was an unindicted co-conspirator in a massive crime, so Democrat thinking appears to be thoroughly anti-American and corrupt.

To the same effect on Islamic subversion and complete and utter bullshit on wanting to integrate into American society:

A leader for the Texas branch of the Council on American Islamic Relations has told a crowd at a rally for Islam that members of the faith really shouldn’t be bound by American law.

“If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land,” said Mustafa Carroll, the executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth CAIR branch, a keynote speaker as the recent rally.[4]

It's, like, you know, a vindication of Daniel Webster who, in 1852, addressed the New York Historical Society:
The Constitution has enemies, secret and professed. . . . They have hot heads and cold hearts. They are rash, reckless, and fierce for change, and with no affection for the existing institutions of their country. . . . Other enemies there are, more cool, and with more calculation. These have a deeper and more fixed and dangerous purpose. . . . There are those in the country, who profess, in their own words, even to hate the Constitution.

Friends of the Constitution must rally and unite . . . act, with immovable firmness, like a band of brothers, with moderation and conciliation . . . looking only to the great object set before them, the preservation of the Constitution, bequeathed to them by their ancestors. They must gird up their loins for the work. It is a duty which they owe to these ancestors, and to the generations which are to succeed them.

Daniel Webster concluded: “Gentlemen, I give my confidence, my countenance, my heart and hand, my entire co-operation to all good men . . . who are willing to stand by the Constitution. . . . I hardly know . . . the manner of our political death. . . . We shall die no lingering death. . . . An earthquake would shake the foundations of the globe, pull down the pillars of heaven, and bury us at once in endless darkness. Such may be the fate of this country and its institutions. May I never live, to see that day![5]

From the evidence you've just read, in what way could you conclude that that day is not dawning in our own lifetime?

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