Friday, March 20, 2015

Memories And Tears

I’ve known many kinds of sorrow and pain. The aggregate has hardened me quite a lot. These days it takes something very painful, something well to the right of the axis of the bell curve of human tragedy, to bring me to tears.

I’ve just learned that Michael Brown, the presiding genius of The Left Banke, passed away yesterday at the age of 65.

That did it.

Rest in peace, Mike. If there’s any justice in the world, you’re with her now, or will be soon.


  1. Everybody ends up heading off to the Astral Plane. He had the pleasure of contributing something worthy of note and the enjoyment of it by a lot of people in his time here on the Material Plane. The Parable of the Talents comes to mind....

  2. Long, long ago, Dan. So long ago it might as well have been another life.

  3. I know this is a couple days late, but thanks for posting this.

    Evocative song, still. Also probably one of those with the highest "misunderstood lyrics."

    Neo-Neocon had a nice tribute to Left Banke.

  4. "the empty sidewalks on my block are not the're not to blame..."
    sigh. Back when music was.... lyrical. Thanks for the memories. ...


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