Thursday, March 26, 2015

One nation. Two cultures.

"Woman Convicted of Firing Gun into McDonalds Drive-Thru Over Missing Bacon." Sputnik News, 3/26/15.


  1. She did what? Unforgiv...oh, over missing bacon. That's all right then.

  2. Bacon is a social construct. The white man has- through its CIA provacateurs- flooded the community with irresistable porcine delicacies to further its grip on blacks, just as it did in the 90s with crack cocaine and AIDS.

  3. Yep, I can sympathize.

    Don't mess with muh bacon.

  4. Sounds as if Shaneka Monique married an Hispanic guy named Torres. Or maybe her mother did.

    Obviously her ethnicity was of no interest to the author of this news story, and certainly had no connection to her behavior.

    McDonald's was simply trying to adhere to Moochelle's Heart-Healthy menu criteria, with the sole intention of saving her from ingesting an unsafe level of cholesterol.

    1. Married? What is this concept of which you speak?


  5. Somehow I think you guys are not taking this seriously. Tell me I'm wrong about this.

    A friend commented "They sure won't forget the bacon next time!"

    This is all hurting my reputation as a serious commentator.

  6. Colonel! What could be more serious than bacon?

  7. " This is all hurting my reputation as a serious commentator."
    Seriously, you can't be Shirley. LOL

  8. C'mon Colonel,

    Something are so out and out ridiculous that all you can do is laugh, or go mad. Shirley, this qualifies?

    Because, Bacon!


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