Wednesday, April 15, 2015

REALLY Quickies: A Statement For The Ages

     Courtesy of Michael Walsh:

     When you will not fight an enemy frankly bent on your destruction, then it’s almost inevitable that you will turn on the people you are supposed to protect. After all, all that federal power has to go somewhere, doesn’t it?

     Incisive and brilliant.

     Power-worshippers are never satisfied merely by having power. They get no pleasure out of it unless they’re actively using it. And a target that cannot resist is always the preferred sort. Bravo, Mr. Walsh.


  1. By extension, this applies to SWAT teams, too. Having all those nifty toys (full-auto firearms, flash-bangs, MRAPs, etc.) - much of it provided by the federal government - makes them want to utilize them.

    And why take the chance of getting hurt taking down a meth lab when you can terrorize a dairy farmer, a guitar manufacturer, or someone in default on a student loan?

  2. Not that it concerns me much these days, but the same could easily be said of Republicans and Democrats, vis-a-vis Republican voters.

  3. Not only true, but we're living it. Ironically, with ISIS right across the US/Mexico border now, our overlords will have a momentary distraction before getting back to further crushing Americans.


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