Thursday, September 10, 2015

New Fiction

     Sorry this took so long, but...

     The first segment of the forthcoming novel. A young lawyer of high abilities is surprised by the offer of a high corporate position. In the course of his superintendence of a case of massive fraud against the federal government, he becomes acquainted with a prodigy with a history of loss and sorrow that neither he nor the law has any power to assuage. From the Realm of Essences series.

     Use the coupon code ST42J to obtain it for free. That coupon will remain valid through September 13. Enjoy!

     It's 7:30 Monday (Labor Day) morning. I've just uploaded a set of revisions. Those who have already downloaded the novelette should download a fresh copy to receive the updates. Thanks.


  1. Bloody decent of you. I'll grab it in a day or so when I'm on my desktop masheen.

  2. "Toss me a bomb and I might just toss it back with interest." Heh. You should add "Please" before Toss. Provides you opportunities to hone your Louis Redmond skills.

    Thank you Fran.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Bought and paid for. Based on your prior works, I'm inclined to take a flyer on you.

  5. Thanks. I know you'll let us know when the whole thing is done and available. And I'll buy it. Immediately.

  6. Fabulous! Very fascinating to see more of the impact that one exceptional man (Louis) can have on those around him and the world, in general.

    Many thanks, Fran! Looking forward to the full book.

  7. Thank you, sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  8. An excellent look in to the next book in the series,many thanks for making it available to us !


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