Thursday, November 19, 2015

Reason no. 2,474,322 why the 19th Amendment was probably a mistake.

Christian refugees from the Middle East are just as dangerous as Muslim ones because Hitler was allegedly a Christian, Whoopi Goldberg said on Tuesday’s episode of “The View.”
"Whoopi Goldberg: Christians Are Just Dangerous As Muslims Because Hitler [sic]." By The Federalist Staff, The Federalist, 11/18/15.


  1. That alleged woman has made more stupid remarks than any woman -- real or alleged -- should be permitted in a single lifetime.

  2. I want to vomit, just having to look at her face. Her comment, "It wasn't 'rape' - rape" concerning Polanski's drugging and rape of a thirteen year old girl was reason enough to label this bwitch as a complete waste of oxygen.

  3. What else would one expect from someone who is a member of a group with an average IQ of ~70-85

  4. I have never been able to get out of my mind that this woman, deliberately and with forethought, chose a name for herself from "whoopi cushion."


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