Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What Will It Take?

     “The news is all bad, but it’s good for a laugh.” – Tom Paxton, “Jimmy Newman”

     How strange, to be quoting an old communist peacenik at the opening of a column he’d surely despise! But then again, the “W” in my name – the middle initial, for those too crippled by arthritis or gout to run their thumbs along the words as they read – is generally taken to stand for weird. I suppose I’ve earned the reputation.

     There’s no point to following “the news” any longer. “The news” is in your backyard. At least, it had better be...and you had better be alert to it.

     The day before Election Day, I wrote and posted this:

A tactic that succeeds will be repeated, intensified, and emulated.
     Violence is increasing because it gets the violent ones what they want. Remember what I said in large font at the outset: A tactic that succeeds will be repeated, intensified, and emulated. Violence is apparently working for those who employ it. That is, its practitioners’ gains outweigh its costs and risks.

     Violence didn’t always succeed. Sixty years ago, it was common for an assault that took place before onlookers to be answered by counter-violence and the placement of the attacker in a jail cell: not always, but often enough, and with consequences severe enough, to hold occasions of violence to a socially endurable level. For various reasons that is no longer the case, while the prospective gains from violence remain what they were.

     Violence works whenever it’s not met by a swift defense and appropriate retribution. It worked for Lenin’s Bolsheviks and Hitler’s Brown Shirts. The lesson is not lost on those who mastermind American politics.

     I shan’t minimize the immense significance of what occurred on November 8, 2016. It might have indicated a mass awakening to the danger the Republic faced. But we still face that danger. Our nation’s internal enemies have merely resorted to more violent tactics...and those tactics are working.

     Today at Free North Carolina, we have this:

     Americans agree with President Donald Trump's defense of Confederate monuments, and few think getting rid of the statues will lessen racial tensions, a new poll shows. The Rasmussen Reports survey released Monday found 50 percent of registered voters agree with Trump's tweet it is "sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments."

     As this is from Brock Townsend, in whom my trust is unbounded and for whom I have limitless admiration, I’m sure it’s absolutely correct. I didn’t even bother to check the links. Feel free to do so if you’re more inclined to be skeptical.

     No, my problem is with the significance of the findings. A majority of those surveyed are on the president’s side of this contretemps. Perhaps the majority is even larger than the survey suggests. (Is Richard Dawson still around? Perhaps appropriately large cash prizes would help us to find out.) Yet the monuments continue to be destroyed – in some cases, by municipal or state governments. Why?

     It’s actually quite simple:

A mobilized, militant minority always beats a passive majority.

     That’s how the Nazis took Germany. It’s how Lenin and his confreres took Russia. Why would anyone think that “it can’t happen here” -- ? Especially over something with as little immediate impact on most Americans’ lives as historical monuments?

     Do you want those monuments to stay up, Gentle Reader? Very good; I thought you might. So what are you going to do about it? Other than email your Congressman, that is.

     The monuments under attack are, of course, only symptomatic in the larger scheme of things. The Left’s whole effort is aimed at detaching the young from the history of these United States, especially its founding principles, its seminal struggles, and the words and characters of those who articulated them.

     The “Antifa” and “Black Bloc” thugs attacking peaceable patriotic gatherings have the same end in view. There’s no way to separate a people from its history if they’re allowed to talk about it, or any element of it...especially the Founders’ emphasis on freedom of expression.

     They who believe it’s sufficient to be prepared to defend themselves are sadly mistaken. No one has ever won a war by doing nothing but playing defense. The Right must seize the initiative – go on the attack.

     The notion horrifies many decent persons. Yet it is so. Two questions then arise:

  • What will finally make us rise to the occasion, if anything?
  • When and where will it arrive?

     It is not enough to stay abreast of the news and deplore the trends in progress. It is not enough to speak out against them. It is not enough to attend a rally or two in defense of freedom of expression or the preservation of historic monuments. It is not even enough to attend such rallies armed and ready for the eruption of violence. Those are all defensive measures: necessary but sadly insufficient.

     The one and only remedy is to go on the offensive.

     The first, absolutely indispensable step is infiltrating the opposition. We must learn the individual identities of those who gather to suppress us, and we must pursue them individually, just as they strive to pursue us. If they have gatherings, some of ours must be present. If they don’t, we must tap their communications and monitor them ceaselessly. The information we can gather that way is beyond price.

     Once we know who they are, it’s a short step from there to learning where they will be. That gives us what we’ll need for what must follow: charges, against both the individuals and the groups, of conspiring to violate others’ civil rights. That’s a federal criminal charge that can’t be dismissed. According to our family lawyer, a police commander who tells his subordinates to disregard such complaints is himself guilty of misfeasance – for instructing his men to commit nonfeasance — so make sure all such complaints are properly witnessed.

     Even if those charged ultimately escape prison sentences, they’ll suffer from the experience of having to defend themselves against the charges. As the saying goes, “the process is the punishment.” It might be enough to deter them all by itself.

     If the so-called forces of order prove unwilling to do their sworn duty, then it will be time to discuss more direct measures. But we’re more likely to reach that point if we continue to be passive before the assaults upon us.

     Sound harsh? Scary? After all, you wouldn’t like to be spied upon or hounded into court to defend yourself against the weight of the criminal law. But what they’ve been doing to us is far worse...and as I wrote above, it’s getting them what they want, so we can’t expect it to stop.

     I know, I know: Who bells the cat? Obviously I can’t, being old and too well known from my writings. But some of my readers, at least, are less conspicuous.

     Nothing else will suffice to stem the tide before actual blood is shed, so give it some thought.

     UPDATE: To the pseudonymous fellow who wrote to call me a “stupid mutt:” My dear sir, if a Martian were to find the two of us standing side by side, he would undoubtedly conclude that you are a member of some much lower species...a houseplant, perhaps. Have a nice life.


Exring said...

This issue has been under discussion by my brother and I for several years and your assessment is "on the money". I had not considered the "intelligence gathering" side of the "fight" but this makes perfect sense. The important thing is to get "ahead" of the problem instead of always fighting from a catch-up position. This will minimize the very bad things that can take place as history has seen in Czarist Russia and Nazi Germany.

Paul Revere's Riders said...


GamegetterII said...

It's up to the younger people to infiltrate antifa,BLM,BAMN,La Raza etc. Most of us are far too old to be accepted into such groups.
Not sure if there are enough young folks on our side in this fustercluck. There are some, but it seems to me our side is mostly made up of those 40 plus with most being 50 plus.
I agree that we need to fight back against these groups and their plan/ agenda to transform the country into a socialistic utopia made up of sexual deviants, fascists,Gaia worshiping eco, enviro, and animal " rights" whackos, and anti- white racists.
I'm actually surprised it hasn't turned into open warfare between us and them at this point.
Alternative media sources are being shut down by the leftist web hosting services. Sure, they started with openly racist Daily Stormer- but they aren't going to stop there. Now they're going after advertisers and income sources- PayPal shut down it's services on Pamela Geller's site. They'll stop when every site and blog with views to the right of Lenin is shut down.
We waited too long to fight back with the same tactics being used against us.
We played defense too long.
Things are going to get worse very quickly- the Marxist morons keep pushing, and the pushback will be brutal when it comes- if it comes and the right doesn't just give up.

DAN III said...

I have long remarked that the only solution to the scum, the scoundrels, the communists within our governments is deadly force. No group of Patriots should publically rally unless there are Brothers on overwatch with the appropriate weaponry. One shot. One kill.

Herein lies the problem....lack of organization. The communists are organized courtesy the traitors Sodos and Bloomberg. The Patriots ? No organization whatsoever to rally like-minded citizens to "the Green". Long ago I gave up attempting to voice my displeasures to political hacks. Dem, Republican, Green, Independent, local, county, state, federal....they are all bastards deserving a short rope and a tall tree.

Organize. Then....one shot. One kill.

Jeff Charles said...

I was just thinking this morning about someone lying on the pavement, getting the stuffing beat out of them, while watching cops on the sideline out of peripheral vision just standing there looking on, and I was thinking about helpless and deserted feeling that the poor sod would be swallowed by - I think sniper teams targeting people in black wearing masks would be a timely and appropriate response - suppressed 5.56 fire from tarped pickup beds emplaced at strategic overlooks..

The Gray Man said...

An infiltration of an AntiFa group would be valueable but very dangerous. Major potential for violence. I'd be highly willing but I'm not sure if there are any major opportunities for me to do so anywhere in my area.

T. Paine said...

I am 62 years old, white and an ardent conservative. No well in hell I could infiltrate one of those groups. The riotous POS one sees on TV are all young, dirty, bearded and unkempt. I'm none of that.

Oh by the by:

Just saw an article in WSJ that JP Morgan Chase is donating 1 Million USD split between the SPLC and ADL 'to further their work in tracking, exposing and fighting hate groups and other extremist organizations'. Wall Street Journal, 8.22.17 page B10, lower left.

This is the largest US bank by assets...funding extreme leftist activist groups with millions of dollars? So, I ask: What in the actual fuck is going on here!????

Francis W. Porretto said...

The actual fuck, TP, is that large organizations are being intimidated into collaborating with the Left. That mobilized, militant minority is flexing its muscles, pressing for larger and larger gains. So why stand we here idle?

Bob T. said...

It would appear one of the most significant acts of patriotism one can perform is to get out of debt. Once that monkey is off one's back, there's no excuse for not going on the offensive other than considerations of personal and family safety. If you're in debt, you're less likely to forego gainful employment until things progress to the point where it no longer matters whether you can pay your bills. That's one of the reasons I'm not terribly worried about TPTB deliberately tanking the economy: do they *really* want a bunch of people rising up against them because there's nothing left to lose?

Yes, I consider myself too #$%@! busy earning a living to spend more than a pittance of my "free" time trying to mount an effective offensive action against the Soros-paid rent-a-mobs. About what their side is doing: with respect to Charlottesville, anyone *else* notice the presumptive Nazis / white supremacists were carrying flags that still had the crease marks in them from being freshly unwrapped from their packing sleeves? How about their brand-new 5.11 tactical clothing? Yup... Paid actors. Can you say "false flag"? Check out some of the photos provided by Matthew Bracken where he makes these observations as well. We're NOT going to be left alone.

furball said...

Hi, Fran.

In a post today concerning GoDaddy dropping the Daily Stormer and how that relates to freedom of association, Jeff Jacoby wrote, "In the wake of Charlottesville, dumping the Jew-hating white supremacists was admittedly an easy call."

Full article here: http://jewishworldreview.com/jeff/jacoby082217.php3

With the exception of the guy in the car, what did the Jew-hating white supremacists do in Charlottesville that was against the law? Apparently, violence broke out on both sides? But I haven't seen video that supports that. Are there charges pending against the Jew-hating white supremacists? Is there any visual proof that I've just not been able to find? I've seen the phone-cam videos of people with sticks and signs following the Jew-hating white supremacists after they had been told to leave the park.

This isn't the first time that Antifa, BLM and their ilk have picked on groups they oppose. But as near as I can tell the Jew-hating white supremacists didn't do anything besides fight back, which other groups have done before. So it it seems to me that if, as Jeff Jacoby asserts, "In the wake of Charlottesville, dumping the Jew-hating white supremacists was admittedly an easy call." then that same wake must include dumping Antifa and BLM. After all, Jacoby said nothing about Godaddy dumping Daily Stormer *before* Charlottesville, so the events at Charlottesville must be the catalyst.

But what did the Jew-hating white supremacists *do* that Antifa, BLM and the thugs on the other side didn't?

This probably all seems off-topic, but when you ask, "who will bell the cat?" we should perhaps recognize that, although we may not consider Jew-hating white supremacists and other less unsavory members of the alt-right as allies, they are probably more motivated and capable than most of us to carry out the infiltration you describe.

"It takes a thief. . . "

Regards and best wishes;
Tim Turner

furball said...

To be fair, I should have included this: http://takimag.com/article/racial_communism_david_cole

It offers a viewpoint that can be boiled down to, "Never get in bed with the Jew-hating white supremacists."

Patrick said...

antifa has a plan, does the right?


"Some things that we (antifa) all need to do immediately:
✓Community defense: arm ourselves, patrol, have an alert system, train in firearms and hand to hand combat and situational awareness, tech security and medical aid.
✓Community infrastructure/sovereignty: food, clothing, shelter, and other resources. This means community care and outreach, this means food shares and gardens and clothing swaps and rides and babysitting, a childcare collective, this means a community pharmacy, this means relying on ourselves absolutely as much as possible for everything we need.
✓Community education: this means radicalizing people as well as continuing our own radical education. this means workshops, seminars, salons and book clubs. This means making radical theory accessible, this means making it palpable (and liberation should be the most palpable thing in the world)."

Jim Horn said...

Regarding "One shot, one kill": please re-read the post again. Today's media makes martyrs of any leftist's pain while damning whomever may be blamed on the right. Having the left arrested massively defangs that option for them.

Let's sabatoge them. Just as guerilla forces can stymie formal soldiers, we can stymie and push back in ways they can't counter.

Of course if force is encountered, we can counter. But like ju-jitsu, let's use their efforts to make them fall. Hard. Francis gets this. He is wise.

Unknown said...

"We must learn the individual identities of those who gather to suppress us, and we must pursue them individually,"
That is happening on a daily basis on 4chan.org in /pol/, where I am currently waiting out my ban for doxing. And much more so on 8ch.net in /pol/ where you will not get banned for doxing.

I've got so much info stored on a thumb drive it would blow your minds. I know G. Soros has a son attending Berkeley, I know where G. Soros' mansion is in NY.

Currently on 8ch.net there is a running dox op on everyone that works at CNN.

Not that I'll ever act on any of it, but what the hell.

mike nomad said...

Here is one thing you can do; when they gather in the streets and try to block it and assault you in your car, just tromp the accelerator and mow them down and keep going. Then when you reach a safe place, turn yourself in and claim self-defense, which it clearly is.

Exring said...

tayronachan: Have you considered how you can share the information you possess? This is the most useful way of making a difference and spreading around the weight you carry. This sort of information may have more use should you be compromised.

A Texan said...

I think that literally shooting some of these people from concealment - even in defense of someone else being beaten - is very, very unwise. Satisfying, but unwise. The media is entirely against us (Fox SOMETIMES excluded), and it'll be spun as premeditated murder. BTW, the law would probably look upon it in about the same way. There are cameras everywhere, and even an unmarked vehicle with no plates can be tracked pretty easily.

Such tactics must be reserved for the time when there are literally no other alternatives, IMHO.

There is, however, a very good alternative to that, which is to totally disrupt their demonstrations:



For some reason, my teenaged son decided to order a bottle of this stuff on Amazon with a gift card that he received...and it most definitely qualifies as the worst smell on Earth. So, if several of the Antifa scumbags - perhaps a LARGE number, courtesy of a Super Soaker or the like - could be doused, it would at least break up the demonstration. If coordinated, and several or a dozen of our guys did this and herded them to a narrow place, then they could REALLY be dumped on with this stuff (especially if someone had thoughtfully pre-positioned an overhead supply). No one would want to come near them for at least a week. Alternatively, there are any number of sites (or stores, if you want to pay cash) where one can get empty paint ball shells. I am certain that people with a lot of imagination could easily come up with other alternatives, including pepper-spray variants.

One huge advantage of using something like this - especially the stinky route - would be that it would provoke incredible laughter AT THE ANTIFA PEOPLE all across the country. Use Alinsky AGAINST these people, for crying out loud. Make THEM the subject of ridicule - like the loser who got shot in the 'nads with pepperballs https://youtu.be/G43Quhw0yfw - and then you've got something.

Just a couple of suggestions for less-than-lethal means of fighting these civilization-destroying animals.

JPINTX said...

How about delivering this treatment to some of the left's reps?