Friday, August 24, 2018

One More TIME!

Lock her up! Lock her up!


A recent lawsuit (please put that on your radar) that alleges illegal corruption to get more money for the Clinton campaign. There seems to be good evidence that this is a real thing.

On the other hand, that this surfaces now might just be a ploy by the Leftists in the Democrat Party (the Young Turks, so to speak) to capture control of the party apparatus, in time for the next national election.

Here is what might be happening:

  • This lawsuit surfaces in time to queer (oops, Hate Crime) the Dems' chances of getting control of Congress. Like that was likely, anyway.
  • In the anguished aftermath of the loss, plus the perp parade of national and state party leaders before the cameras, the Left-of-Leftists take over the party.
  • Because their agenda is SO popular, they immediately sweep the field in 2020 (just kidding, they will sink like a boulder).
  • Deprived of their rightful place, Da Peoples will riot, create chaos, and Bring in Da Revolution.
At least, I think that's the plan.

In the non-Bizarro world, they will lose, BIGLY, and - for those few who manage to stay out of the hands of the nut-doctors who would slap them into well-deserved confinement - they will spend the rest of their lives croaking Leftist slogans in their trailer homes. Which the sensible people will avoid, and warn their children not to approach the crazy ladies (of ALL genders).

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