Thursday, August 30, 2018

This is NOT Just Partisan Politics

It is a deliberate attempt to sway an election, using ILLEGAL means of campaign contribution.

The powerful people who contributed to the Hoped-For Clinton Landslide, did so in a way that made a mockery of campaign finance laws. They used a laundering operation, through the state party sites, to conceal their contributions, and insulate them from FELONY CHARGES.

Now, I personally think the McCain/Feingold law was crap. Overly restrictive. Just about every politician's finance guys jumped right into action immediately after passage, working to find some way to get LOTS of cash into their guy's campaign, without TECHNICALLY breaking the law.

But, as long as the Dems see fit to prosecute guys like D'Souza (who, was guilty, and accepted his plea), and punish them FAR beyond the norms that usually govern this type of conviction, I'm out for blood.

They ALL - contributors, campaign finance guys, state officials who facilitated this, the national organization - should face FELONY charges, loss of voting privileges, ban for LIFE from any political activity/campaign activity, and massive fines.

No Quarter Given.

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