Sunday, October 11, 2020

Applecart Operators Want Applecart Left Undisturbed

     It stands to reason that men who profit heavily from a certain state of affairs would want to preserve that state of affairs against anything that might disturb it. It’s equally reasonable that when such men detect a threat to their applecart, they’ll do whatever they can to quell, avert, or dampen that threat before apples can start to spill into the gutters. And so, by way of the invaluable “sundance,” we have this:

     While it might seem frustrating to see republicans and conservatives demanding that President Trump stop talking about the greatest act of sedition and usurpation, within our Constitutional Republic in the history of our nation, this espousal by Andrew McCarthy is factually a very wide-spread opinion within the DC beltway:

     Take the intents in their best possible light, and the basic premise is that no-one cares about the abuses of power that took place.

     Sundance and I would disagree with that premise:

     How does the office of a U.S. president; and more importantly the republic itself; survive a coordinated coup effort involving all three branches of government; while simultaneously those in charge of exposing the corruption fear the scale is too damaging for them to reveal?

     The anti-Trump coup revealed a staggering fault in the Republic. It demands to be addressed publicly, through the justice system – if it can still be trusted to do so – and with appropriate penalties meted out to the participants regardless of their altitude in federal service. Some of the conspirators, indeed, deserve to be tried for treason, the penalty for which can be as severe as death.

     Didn’t we do that to the Watergate burglars and the planners that dispatched them? Didn’t we oust a sitting president for trying to “fix the case?” How, then, could we permit this far greater offense against the Constitution and the people of the United States to go unpunished?

     The very suggestion that the Russia hoax not be treated with the gravest seriousness – apparently, the attitude being taken by McCarthy, Lowry, and other Beltway insiders – implies that there are two standards of justice in this country: one for us hoi polloi, the other, far more lenient one for the politically elevated and well connected. Even a major profiteer from “insidership” should be able to sense the magnitude of the threat this poses to the American polity. If he wants any portion of the system that’s fattened him to survive, he should be screaming for justice to be done. If justice is not done, far too many people will decide that there is no law as Americans have always understood it.

     Can you envision the consequences? I can.

     We’ve all heard the term “moral hazard.” It would take a back seat to moral anarchy. “The law” would become whatever the biggest local goon squad says it is.

     It’s bad enough that the odious Hillary Rodham Clinton is likely to escape justice for the wheeling and dealing she did while Secretary of State. It’s bad enough that her scrofulous husband will never face prosecution for his diddlings on “Epstein Island.” And it’s certainly bad enough that the vile Barack Hussein Obama, who routinely scamped his Constitutional duties while arrogating powers the Constitution never allowed the president, will never face justice for his crimes. But with the FBI, the CIA, and a large fraction of the Department of Justice provably having colluded to overturn an election, justice must be done.

     It won’t be enough to cull a few bad apples. Too much of the fruit is rotten. The Establishment’s applecart must be overturned. Whole federal departments must be terminated. Major figures must face severe sentences. The Constitutional order must be reasserted without compromise, before the American people decide that the Republic has degenerated too far to merit saving.

     Let the chips fall where they may.


Groman said...


Jess said...

Trump can fire who he wants. Maybe that's best, since it appears who should be prosecuting criminals only want to wait for the election to see who their new masters will be. Something definitely needs to be done.

boron said...

"arrogate" is the best word I've seen for ex-President Obama's behaviour while in office.
What word can be employed for those who cheered him on?
For those who accepted it: ovine!
For those who pushed this man to greater and greater criminal actions - you tell me!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Durham and Barr have been a disappointment.

FredLewers said...

It's already too late. We must salvage what we can and prepare ourselves to ensure survival and success for our progeny.

Pascal said...

I do not see a legitimate progression on how the same man who tweeted that wrote this on the same day (yesterday): Yes, Hillary Clinton Orchestrated the Russia-Collusion Farce.

In it he writes "Democrats Change Their Tune: It was amazing to watch Democrats play Twister this week" as he himself twists with that tweet.

Hey Andy -- you remind me of John Roberts doing a 180 on Obamacare, without any finesse let alone sound, rational argument.

So that leaves us with the realization that The Powers That Be must indeed be formidable, Fran. A line from the The Godfather comes to mind.

We clearly need Extraordinary Help.

Doc said...

Sadly, Fred is probably right. We the People are a wicked and lazy Sovereign. "The best lack all conviction, and the worst are full of passionate intensity."
With the natural eye, I see only a few possible positive futures, all sadly unlikely:
Pres Trump gets at least one more C Thomas clone on SCOTUS. SCOTUS proceeds to invite cases to be brought before it that lead to decisions declaring unConstitutional vast swathes of the Fed Bureaucrazies: SocSec, Medicare, EPA, ATF, FDA, etc, etc. Well, I can dream, can't I?
Homeschooling shifts into overdrive, perhaps due to the panic over the Wuhan Coronavirus. This, plus demographics that do not favor leftists, who typically have at most one designer child at age 39, leads to a sea change in the political culture, as more and more people read and seek to enforce the Constitution. OK, don't laugh; it COULD happen...
The third possibility is sadly the most likely of the positive futures, and is only barely positive: the left gain more and more power, and, in a fit of hubris, cross that one bridge too far: they seek to implement a Fed level serious gun grab. Civil War 2.0 ensues. Out of the debris a nation led by those who follow the Constitution emerges. Some even on the right would not call this a positive future. I consider it positive only in comparison to the progressive tyranny we will otherwise experience, with every small and medium sized business closed or bought out by a megacorp, every church shuttered, and the Gospel declared 'hate speech'.

Pascal said...

Well said Doc. We need a bailout to save us from ourselves. It's not because we deserve it, but because posterity does despite us less than ideal sovereigns.