Thursday, October 8, 2020

Masculinity And Individualism

     This piece at Ace’s place got me thinking:

     President Trump is their worst nightmare of an Alpha Male; he gets the hot chicks, he has lots of money, he is physically imposing, and worst of all, he doesn't run away from a fight the way they were taught by their mothers. That's why they snipe at him behind the anonymity of Twitter, and the protection of the crowd during press conferences.

     But deep down in their frightened and intimidated hearts, they know that Donald Trump and his immense shock of hair would punch the bully and bang the prom queen...and they wouldn't and couldn't.

     Alpha-male masculinity has been condemned by the Left for several decades. And of course, they’ll have no truck with my notions about the manly virtues. That’s threatening stuff. It proclaims an absolute standard of right and wrong. Worse, it locates the responsibility for publicly upholding that standard in folks with Y chromosomes: men. I dealt women out of that game – as I intended.

     If you ever hear someone use the phrase testosterone poisoning, you’ll know the utterer is a leftist. Testosterone is the quintessential male hormone, responsible for masculine initiative, drive, and aggression. Without it, a man will get nowhere.

     Note that initiative, drive, and aggression are individualistic qualities. They don’t animate groups; they animate individual men in their individual circumstances. The Left, which hates individualism even more than it hates traditional masculinity, is forever promoting the very opposite – “consensus” – while concealing an all-important fact:

If an issue is to be decided by “consensus,” it is the strongest and most determined personality who will determine the course of events.

     Sometimes that’s a mannish woman – a virago, a mockery of the feminine virtues — and sometimes it’s a man (if there are any men in the vicinity willing to take command in such a context).

     “Consensuses” don’t lead. Individual leaders do...and such leaders, both historically and in today’s milieu, are overwhelmingly male. Exceptions are few and notable.

     At this time America has a masculine, individualistic, alpha male for its president. We’re fortunate in that, especially considering that the alternative was Hillary Rodham Clinton. But on November 3, the Left intends that he be displaced by a womanish, mentally deteriorated, boughten creature of the Establishment, who would be operated thereafter like a marionette in furthering the Left’s anti-American agenda. If that comparison doesn’t make the magnitude of the stakes crystal clear, I can’t imagine what would do it.

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Margaret Ball said...

In my very limited experience, it's not necessarily the strongest personality who wins the "consensus" game but the one most resistant to boredom.

Experience limited by the fact that some 55 years ago I formed the habit of walking out of any meetings that claimed they would not end until a consensus was reached.