Saturday, May 4, 2019

A peroration on populism.

Mary Ellen Synon is on of my favorite journalists. She wrote about the E.U. from Brussels some years back and then decamped to Britain where she wrote occasional pieces on the the E.U. and then worked for Nigel Farage in UKIP, I believe. But, basically, she kept a low profile after Brussels. I search for her from time to time in the hope that she's gone back to active journalism and found an article about Brexit she'd written for BREXITCENTRAL, which I'm pretty sure has something to do with Brexit.

She paints a picture of Ireland and Britain as having conniving, mendacious, manipulative, scheming, dissembling governments and of the E.U. as the writhing, coiling, hissing, stinking eel pit that it is. Her article is interesting because of what it reveals about the foregoing and also because it is a vivid example of what the West has devolved to in general – a shadow of its former self that is absolutely indifferent to the will of any of its peoples. They have been royally betrayed since the times when the S.S. Empire Windrush arrived in London and the German government flooded Germany with Turkish "guest workers" who somehow ended up neither being nor acting like any guests I've ever known.

This excerpt is from a speech she gave in London five and a half years ago:

What I am here to tell you today is that what was done to the Irish after they voted No to the Lisbon Treaty in 2008 will be done to the British if they vote No to the EU in 2016. I’m going to give you details of how the Irish government and the EU elite worked together to overturn the democratic Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. What they did to the Irish, a Conservative government and the EU elite will do to the British.

* * * * [Gory details.]

So that is what I have to say to you, drawing on the Irish experience of how a quisling government and an anti-democratic EU elite can overturn a referendum result.[1]

RTWT as we say in cyberspace.

Some "climate change" fool recently observed in passing that populism has a short half-life. Well, $100+ millions were spent on the campaign of Jeb the Anointed last time around and he was carried out feet first in short order. The declaration that illegal immigrants come as an "act of love" didn't sell that well with people who've seen video after video after video of illegals streaming across the border and leaving mountains of their trash behind them. Not to mention photos of bushes festooned with women's panties hinting at the high cost to the illegals themselves of their unwise pursuit of entry. The panties are emblematic of the whole open borders betrayal when you think about it. Emblematic of what the Barbara Lerner Spectres of this world embrace and support. Yes, Honey. Of course. You are deeply concerned about Europe's "survival."

It's occurred to me that Westerners have been as seemingly passive as they have been simply because they live in a Matrix that puts Joseph Goebbels to shame. They simply cannot imagine that their political elites are such lying sacks and have such contempt for the lower orders.

I don't know that historians have ever told of instances of wholesale betrayal of the ruling class. There's simply no cultural memory of such a thing to inform modern Westerners. There are plenty of examples of rulers and ruling classes losing sight of the fundamental needs of the people. England saw its share of peasant revolts and Chinese dynasties have routinely atrophied and collapsed but what was involved was excessive pursuit of power and wealth (unacceptable theft and ambition) or simple decay, an inability to understand the basics of governance.

Nor can I think of anyone like a George Soros whose immense wealth has been dedicated to the extinguishment of the West and political liberty. How can a man like that roam freely around the West financing treason, sedition, and population replacement? The closest thing to him I can think of is Rasputin, whose extraordinary power over the Czarina was eventually not permitted to continue all that long, at least as measured in dog years. Malevolent beings there have been but rarely have they been given the keys to the city, so to speak, and allowed to experiment with their personal vision of being a dog in the manger.

So, to emphasize: Solid citizens simply cannot conceive of the scale of the treachery that is transforming their lives. To the extent that there is "populism" abroad in the land, it represent an awakening on the part of many as to the reigning treachery. Donald Trump's failings are not important to his "base," which is what these people are. We too can play the game of Dog in the Manger. And we know that's not rain that we're feeling on our backs. Keep it up, mothertruckers! We are not going anywhere.

[1] "How an Irish observer warned in 2013 how the pro-EU elite would seek to block Brexit." By M.E. Synon, BREXITCENTRAL, 3/1/19.

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