Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday Randomness - Mother's Day Edition

In an unintended twist on the day, I noticed this piece from Conservative Review, that has a judge ruling that non-doctors can perform abortions. I'm truly tired of the "Progressive" judges of this country making law out of their own a$$. There is a branch of government whose job it is to MAKE the laws - or NOT.

These guys need to stay in their own lane.

I wonder how this statistic has changed since cell phones introduced unlimited minutes?
In 1992, AT&T reported 83 million calls were made on Father’s Day, compared to 106 million for Mother’s Day. But 27% more of the Dad’s Day calls were collect.
Yes, call your mother this Sunday (and consider calling those who were not fortunate enough to have children, just to say you love them). But, on some other day, NOT Father's Day, give the old man a call. They might not say it, but it will thrill them.

But, watch what you write/post on social media! Wouldn't want to offend the wrong people! Many businesses providing services to the public are targeting conservatives - or, more fairly, non-Leftists - to be refused service. Reason Magazine has more here.

The question is, just how far do your rights to Free Speech extend? The Supreme Court sided with the NAACP in their landmark decision to shield the membership from public exposure, at a time when that information could have facilitated effective shutdown of their organization.

The bans - whether public and permanent, or temporary and sub-rosa - have hit even relatively mainstream bloggers/content providers, like Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, or Dennis Prager. And, the tsunami of banning is growing.

Communications law is quite clear - you may pass on content of any political persuasion without being sued, as long as your platform is neutral. That was the standard of the telephone company, and still is. They may pass on information about actual crimes, IF the government requests it in a properly-served warrant.

But, if they interfere in suppressing SOME communication, without an underlying crime, they lose that protection from lawsuit. Which appears to be where they are now - and, as far as I'm concerned, Let The Games Begin!

ARE the big social media companies unfairly biased? The answer is clear.

Have foreign countries helped Trump on social media? Possibly, but far more likely that they have engaged in massive efforts to push the Leftist agenda. And, to influence votes/opinion in other countries, as well.

The term "Hate Speech" has chiseled away at the 1st Amendment - and you should be concerned about that.

Yet Another Leftist Fake News Story - YALFNS. This time, using the tragic aftermath of the Puerto Rican hurricane to bash Trump.

Too often, we focus on how viewpoint suppression affect national figures. This story shows how the actions of social media are causing more problems for the local resistance to the Leftist juggernaut. I urge you to read it, as it clearly details the way that Twitter, YouTube, and other social media are protecting local Democratic control.

And, last - the cluelessness of this Hollywood Twit is staggering. Why, it's almost as though she had no understanding of the connection between sex and pregnancy!

Fight the Power!

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