Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Schools Will Be Manned By Subs

Morrow, in NC and SC, a lot of teachers will be using their Personal Days to lobby at the state level for mor funding for education. This is part of that Red 4 Ed initiative, funded heavily by the unions and Progressive organizations. The idea is to create a Media Moment that will - theoretically - lead to a sudden realization of how hard teachers work, how underpaid they are, and how important paying them more money is to the future of today's children.

I don't think there are too many people who would argue that MOST teachers are quite hardworking. Nor that their pay is not as high as SOME college graduates - particularly those that majored in finance, math, or science.

Will more money benefit the kids? Honestly, it's debatable. There's a huge amount of waste in most systems, not in the classroom, but at the administrative level - staffing, curriculum, consultants, programs that are undertaken but don't pan out, etc.

I won't e covering classes tomorrow. I just got permission yesterday, to begin putting weight on my leg, and I don't want to risk getting injured further.

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