Thursday, October 1, 2020

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This pandemic “crisis” is being used as an opportunity to reset the world in a manner most beneficial for the Davos billionaires, by exploiting pandemic fear, engineered social chaos, a fake climate crisis and economic anxiety to implement a corporate fascist world order, disguised as a green new deal, MMT, socialist paradise. The apparently incomprehensible actions of left wing politicians, DA’s, the corporate media, surveillance state bad actors, compliant central bankers, and emboldened billionaires over the last few months begin to make sense when you realize it is part of the plan.
The "apparently incomprehensible actions of left wing politicians [and] DA’s" is a key feature. Suddenly, in addition to a host of other inexplicable, counterintuitive, lunatic phenomena in the West, there is in the U.S. this sudden spinlelessness, this bizarre "we are helpless" emesis, this complete rejection of mankind's universal understanding of the bedrock requirements of civilized life, and a widespread celebration of stupidity, free-floating malevolence, vandalism, arson, looting, murder, and overall violation of the king's peace.

Satan rules. And if you think I say that lightly, think again.

[1] "Jim Quinn: The Only Thing 'Systematic' Is The Destruction Of America." By Jim Quinn, ZeroHedge, 9/29/20.

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