Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Twisted Thinking of Revolutionaries

In First Things, there is a long article explaining the philosophy of many Russian revolutionaries - and, boy, does it sound a lot like the thinking of the Woke!

If you can call that confused meandering process Thinking.

I'm having a lot of trouble understanding many of the Progressives, and how far many of them seem to be from rational thought. I'm hearing about interests in archaic religions - or, rather, quasi-archaic religious beliefs, such as Wicca (QUITE popular with many younger womyn).

A lot of their social media posts seem designed to create a very emotional connection to others, and provoke a kind of stroking response ("I completely understand - you are too good for those people.") They wear their hysteria like a badge of honor, only somewhat pacified by the validation of their 'feewings'.

I started seeing a pattern in the rise of these ideas - they seem to occur over a hundred or so year-cycle, where overly emotional people, often single, and frequently female, gather together in a group that is self-congratulatory, focused on their inner emotional state, and often violent (in words, certainly, but also, too often, in action).

Their lack of a spouse or other anchor for a stable life is often a factor. While some have children, their main connection seems to be with others who will echo their convictions and angry outcries. Truly, it seems to be a 'girl group' that substitutes the lacking male presence with female bonding. They feed off the frenzied outbursts, and compete to express ever more violent fantasies.

And, too often, act on them.

Most of these adherents of Revolutionary Thought cannot stand the underclasses - they routinely deride them as bigoted, stupid, and with poor moral character.

They preen about their paper credentials, while dismissing skill sets that include competency at managing to earn a decent living as beneath them.

October 1 Update: I was reading Ace of Spades, and found that he's also been following the twisted reporting of the media. In this post, he notes the attempt to lie about Kyle Rittenhouse, his motivations for being in a riot zone with a gun, and the 'connections' that he does NOT have to 'White Supremacists'.

The Official Media has always had an agenda - just as often as the agenda was Left, it was also pro-Right. However, although the Left Media could - and often did - extend to outright Socialist, the Right stopped at GOP. Fascism never got a foothold in the US Media.

Over time, newspapers and TV moved Left. Conservative publications died off when their founders did. They may have survived, in name, at least, but the slant veered decidedly Left.

At this point, the best the Right has, is tepid journals, like National Review, and fearful news networks, like Fox News.

That's it. And, they seldom take a stand, even when the 'opposition' hits them hard with smears and lies.

Allowing Rittenhouse to be accused of being a White Supremacist is a bridge too far. We cannot allow a kid to be smeared publicly, and his family hounded into penury, without pushing back. They need to be sued. They need to have to stand up - in court - and admit that they recklessly LIED about him. And, to face the massive payout that would semi-restore that family's finances, if not their name.

There needs to be a reckoning, and it needs to happen now.

Nick Sandmann was a good start.

Let a thousand Sandmann's bloom!


Francis W. Porretto said...

-- Allowing Rittenhouse to be accused of being a White Supremacist is a bridge too far. We cannot allow a kid to be smeared publicly, and his family hounded into penury, without pushing back. --

The major problem here is the "partitioned media." The mainstream media are now wholly enlisted as allies of the Left. Our preferred media, which are mostly Internet outlets, is closer to fair and truthful, but is regularly derided by the mainstream media as dishonest and biased...and the mainstream media have succeeded at holding themselves up as the standard by which to judge such things. "You can trust us, because we never lie, and we're always right."

So the mainstream media's smearing of Kyle Rittenhouse will continue. Indeed, it will probably intensify. Our preferred media will do what they can to counter it against the resistance of the mainstream media. Because of the partisan alignments involved, few minds will be changed.

1104wrhmr6r said...

I am often reminded of the story from the Bible about the Tower of Babel. Your use of 'womyn' just solidified the concept in my mind. It is the only explanation I can come up with for the thought processes and conclusions the progressives post in social media and the MSM these days. We all speak English, but the definitions of the words have been scrambled depending on your moral outlook.

George True said...

When groups of these people, especially 'womyn' who have these irrational feelings and beliefs, get together and validate these beliefs in each other, then a certain kind of confirmation bias comes into play that is extremely hard to break through. Then real, objective facts don't matter anymore, because their 'feewings' have been confirmed as real and paramount by their in-group. I saw this to some extent in the anti-war crowd while attending college in the late 60's and early 70's, but that was minor compared to what I see in this Woke/Burn It All Down crowd of today.

As for the dedicated Communist fifth column that is our media today, it is now populated by many who are the children of the red diaper doper babies of the 50's and 60's. They have always been Communists, as they were sired and raised by Communists. And now THEIR children, who have been educated at colleges where leftism reigns supreme, have become some of the younger talking heads in mainstream media.

Tragically, the majority of Americans, even in this internet age, are STILL getting their information from this treasonous, anti-American, Orange Man Bad mainstream media. A case in point is my elder sister's husband, who in his political beliefs is hardcore leftist. You would think a 75 year old man would be wiser than that, and would have learned a few things with the passage of decades. And you would be wrong.

How is such a thing possible? Because he has always watched and continues to watch the alphabet media evening news. And if the TV is on during the day, which it often is, it is always on CNN. Thus, he believes that Democrats are Good, Republicans are Evil, Trump is racist, hydroxychloriquine is rat poison, and masks must be worn at all times for the benefit of all. And now the internet tech companies are disappearing any online content that disproves any of their many false narratives. So the end result is that tens of millions of Americans in their 40's, 50's, 60's, and even 70's, who are plenty old enough that they ought to know better, continue to believe things that are provably false, and refuse to believe other things that are incontrovertibly true. Thus, the stranglehold that the mainstream leftist media continues to have on the minds of at least half of the American electorate continues to be very strong.

How do we counter such a pervasive and seemingly all-powerful force? I wish I had the answer. I remember when I woke up. I was never leftist to begin with, but I did listen to NPR for years as I approached middle age. I felt that I was sophisticated for doing so. And some of the leftist doctrine began to take hold within me. But eventually, I began to get uneasy, and then quite irritated at NPR's America-is-always-wrong narrative. I remember thinking wait a minute, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile. And I asked myself how is it possible that America is and always has been wrong in everything it has ever done? You would think that just by accident we might have done something right at least once or twice. And so I started doing my own research and my own fact checking, and subsequently discovered truth. I was not looking for truth according to any particular ideological mindset. I wanted the truth no matter where it took me, even if it took me to places I didn't want to go. That is how I woke up.

But how do you wake up 30 and 40 and 50 year olds, much less a 75 year old, who have never had the curiosity or the gumption to verify anything for themselves? They have never wanted to take that first step on the journey of finding truth no matter where it takes them. So when you try to wake them up, they are highly, highly resistant. I wish I had the answer. It is as if there are some whose minds are hardwired to seek and value truth for its own sake, and others who are hardwired not to ever embark on that journey.

Linda Fox said...

George, I have no idea. This week alone, I've been literally struck dumb by the inability of many siding with the Left (not the hard-core ones, just those leaning that way) to see something right in front of them, and actually SEE it.

A case in point: I was talking to someone who is Soft Left, who complained about Trump interrupting Biden in the debate. He challenged me, saying that the transcript I had linked to was wrong, but the video showed he was correct.

As I love him, I actually watched the video, and reported back, that, no, Biden had interrupted TWICE in the first eight minutes.

He said I was wrong, that wasn't what it showed.

Now, I'm willing to accept that we can sometimes see different things - did Trump 'mock a disabled man'? Did he praise White Supremacists? Did he suggest injecting bleach?

All of those have been refuted, but, as the news had already reported them, the subsequent evidence was not believed.

But, this is a video recording. I gave him the times to look for - literally, all he had to do was watch it.

And, yet, he "saw" something that did not exist. He failed to see what was so obvious.

I never understood the words, "There is none so blind as he who will not see", until now.

George True said...

Linda: when I started to wake up, my uneasiness with what I was hearing on NPR and other MSM outlets was a vague feeling that at first was hard to put my finger on, but eventually crystallized into the distinct feeling that I WAS BEING LIED TO. I always assumed that nobody likes being lied to. I know that with me being lied to creates feelings of violation of trust, which then leads to feelings of great indignation and righteous anger.

But apparently some people would rather be lied to than have to face the truth that their entire world view is based on lies. That would then require that they re-examine their own selves, and who they really are, and how much of who they think themselves to be might be based on things that are not true. The majority of people are not willing to engage in such an agonizing reappraisal of who they really are versus who they had imagined themselves to be. It is uncomfortable, painful, depressing, and even frightening to strip away the very identity you have created for yourself over a lifetime.

Jesus said, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free". But those who are securely ensconced in a leftist belief system are not anxious for that freedom, because to get there they must kill themselves, in terms of their self-created identity, and that is a truly fearful prospect for them.

To me, this is just more validation of the R/K selection theory. There are some who are predisposed to seek the unknown country, and others who are not. The ones who are not so predisposed I suppose are the ones that we would consider sheep. The frustrating thing is the realization that if we had a mainstream media that engaged in telling truth, then THAT is what the sheep would most likely believe.

Or maybe not. Perhaps, because they are sheep, they desperately want to believe in Santa Claus, unicorns & rainbows, free stuff, and the perfectibility of man. Anything else is just too terrifying for them to contemplate.