Monday, November 9, 2020

More pearls of expression.

A nice added touch [on the article]:

local news media has been interviewing the vibrancy & diversity about what they expect the exciting, victorious "president-elect" Biden and his blackety black blak VP to do for them in the near future.

So nice of the media to call the election for us and pump up this balloon of expectations.

I smell riots.

BTW, Didn't Al Gore get 45 days after the election to count/ recount florida hanging chads before the election was "called"?

Comment by zuuma on "This Election Is Not Over... And The Media Knows It." By Jay Valentine, ZeroHedge, 11/8/20.


Linda Fox said...

Yeah, they're using that "historic moment" thing to shore up support for the Dems. Just another club to beat us over the head - "If you aren't completely in favor of EVERYTHING the Biden administration does, you hate Black People (especially Black Women!)"

Col. B. Bunny said...