Saturday, November 7, 2020

Share This With Your Clueless Friends and Family - UPDATE

 Make them give you answers to the INCONVENIENT questions.

From Rush:

". “Biden Underperforms Hillary Clinton and Obama.” Underperforms means that he did worse. Biden got fewer votes in this election than Hillary and Obama except in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin. How the hell does that happen? Joe Biden gets fewer votes than Hillary and Obama all over this country on Tuesday this year.

Except in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin? Every damn state he needs, where they have been counting votes in the dark, where they have not let people in to watch the vote-counting process, where they’ve been putting cardboard up on the windows, doing everything they can to prevent anybody from watching what they’re doing — with ballots coming in by the tens of thousands overnight while everybody else is asleep.

How does this happen? How does Biden do worse than Obama and Hillary except in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin — and there’s no get-out-the-vote effort, folks. They did not have that. They didn’t spend their money on that. Meaning there was no grassroots. And we had people calling and commenting on this. There was nobody knocking on doors.

There was nobody driving little yellow buses on Tuesday to get Biden voters to the polling places. That get-out-the-vote effort didn’t happen. This is all done under cover of darkness. Then you’ve got these mail-in ballot dumps with 100% margins for Joe Biden? Come on, folks. As Biden likes to say, “Come on, man!” We’re supposed to sit here and believe this?"

MAKE them give you any other explanation that the truth - the Dem Machine STOLE this.

UPDATE: I posted this on FB, and it's likely to disappear. So, I copied this, and am posting it here.

This is what is known as "cooling the mark".
After a con has taken place, the problem is that the mark (the guy who was cheated) might find a policeman and have them arrested, before they can clear out of town.
That's where the last step comes in - a "neutral observer" (really, in cahoots with the cons) spends time with the mark, and persuades him that:
- He really WASN'T cheated - it was ALL honest
- It wouldn't be worth it to complain, because he wouldn't get his money or property back
- He would look foolish if he lets people know about his being conned.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you FB's attempt at "cooling the mark"

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I ask. And get no reply. Except to cite "But the NYT says they got assurances everything was fine."

That the NYT et al might LIE? Literally beyond their comprehension. That Biden might be a Trojan Horse for the far Left? Ditto.

Yuri was right. And we're screwed.